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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Regional WOD

There has been a Regional WOD I have been eyeing since I saw its inception in May of 10'. The problem was I could not actually do this WOD at that point in my training. Well....the day came where it was time to try it out, knowing I can complete it and was hoping for a good time. Before doing this WOD.....I ran some intervals:

4 x 200M (1- :30; 2- :29; 3- :29; 4- :29)
1 x 400M (1:27)

Then the WOD I talked about earlier:

Central East Regional WOD# 1:

Bear Complex 115#

My Time:
4:43 (best time was 3:34! Found this out after I completed it)

This WOD was tough and I failed a few MU's which really hurt me. I will keep working to get better and decrease that time. After I this WOD I did 3 Rds front Main Site a couple days ago:

3 Rds

10 DL 185#
10 C2B
20 DU's

My Time:

I was not feeling it at this point and decided 3 Rds was a smart idea instead of pushing myself and possibly getting hurt. Tomorrow should be a good day!

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