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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random WODS (DAY 2)

I walked in to the gym today with no clue about what to do. So......this is where I started. I took my handy dandy note pad (in my phone) and found a WOD...decided to do it:

30 - 20 -10
Wall Balls 20# / 10ft
Hang Clean 95#

My time:

Then I did a WOD I saw OPT post;

3 MU's every minute for 10 Minutes:

Went unbroken and on the 10th Rd I decided to go for Max reps. 4 reps (failed on 5)

Then I wanted to work on OHS. I tried 185# for 15 reps and failed on 15 the last time I tried. I decided I was not going to fail and did it today:

185# x 15 reps (175.5# BW)

Main site at the 10 Am class:

20 Minute AMRAP: :30 holds

Air Squat
Chin Over Bar

5 Rds + :14 L- sit

This WOD sucked and was a nice change of pace. I am now NOT a fan of any type of hold....especially when your abs are already sore! Next we were thrown to do:

500 M Row


This wrecked me and my glutes were killing me. May do some more stuff tonight. This was a nice playing around day!

Did some Deadlifting at home:

275# x 5
295# x 5
325# x 4
345# x 3
365# x 3 x 5 Sets

Back is officially tight.

1:38 (tied PR)


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