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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had talked about it for awhile but had not got to it yet. Hellen! I have only done this workout once and when I did my KB Swings I did them Russian style. This time I was going to go all the way up....American Style.

After the 5:30 AM class....which went very well by the way. Great job to the morning Crossfitters! I almost did not want to do Hellen when the class ended. I have been wanting to work on my running but for some reason never find time.....but finally I hit it:

3 Rds

400M Run
21 KB Swings 1.5 Pood
12 Pull ups

My Time
7:43 (7:34 PR with Russian Swings)

Glad I did this with American style swings......it made this feel like the name makes you thing. It was rough. I almost wanted to be done for the day. Decided to do the end of the morning class workout after:

Max Back Squat 135# in 3 Minutes


This was harder then I thought, I will have to use this type of training more. It was rough...AGAIN. I started to think about being done.....again.....and then thought my 50 day burpee challenge! Oh no!!!! Might as well:

50 Burpees

My Time



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