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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Front Squat PR!

Today I got to the gym for our 5:30 class not feeling to hot. I was thinking I was not going to do to well in the WODs I had planned. The first one I hit right after coaching the class and it was rough:

4 Rds

20 SDHP 95#
15 burpees
10 Toes 2 Bar

My Time

This one felt like it took me an hour and I took super long rests. It made me get down on myself. Then I had a personal training session which went awesome! After that I hit the next WOD:

6 Min AMRAP:

10 Thrusters 95#
40 DU's

5 Rds + 5 Thrusters

5 minute rest

Max Thrusters 95#
23 (could have kept going but I wanted to go without a rest and this is when I felt I needed one)

After the WOD I loaded up the bar for some Heavy Front Squats:

225 x 3
275 x 2
295 x 1
315 x 1 (PR)
335 x 1 (FAILED)

I am not sure why I jumped from 315# to 335#....guess I was ambitious. Old PR was 305#. I was not able to get up from the bottom position, but I know I will get that soon.

Right before I left the gym I jumped on the rings for a set of Max MU's. I got 6, I was shooting for 8 but I was tired! Next time!


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