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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deadlift OHS....Again.....and soon Again

So.....I found out that about a week after I did the Deadlift OHS WOD that they had it as a competition WOD on Again Faster. So here I go again. I coached a class and then immediately jumped into it hoping to beat my past time of 5:55. The WOD:

21 - 15 - 9
Deadlift 225#
OHS 135#

My Time:
5:10 (PR by :45 Seconds)

I was pumped about my time.....the only problem is I just found out another guy beat my time with a 4:02......SWEET....not really. I have to have the lowest total time over 3 workouts in order to win....and over a minute deficit does not help. I am planning on doing it again to beat my time...I have until 11/11 to do that, so I am planning for next Tuesday to do that. The youtube.com:


After the WOD I trained a client and then did some Presses. I did Max 3 rep Shoulder Press, then Max 3 rep Push Press, and then Max 1 rep Push Jerk. Did quite a bit of sets but ended

Shoulder Press: 165# x 3(Failed on 2nd rep of 175#)
Push Press: 215# x 3(Failed on 1st rep at 225#)
Push Jerk: 295# x 1 (Failed 305# twice)

First time doing Max weight with Presses. Now I have a base and need to improve. I then threw in another WOD:

10/20 - 8/30 - 6/40 - 4/50 - 2/60

Front Squat

My Time:

Front squat is the first number and then DU are the 2nd. The DU's really got me in the last reps. I finished in:

Immediately after 3 Rep Max Clean and Jerk within 5 Minutes of the WOD:

245# / 255# / 255#

I was happy with my C&J as well, 255# was my goal. Then I had one more thing up my sleeve.....Tabata KB 1.5 Swings:

9 (10 was the highest I got for the first 3 Rds)

Then off to work. Overall I was happy and felt very productive! Getting better!


I was ok with the time but know I need work on my DU's.

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