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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Again Faster WOD 9

All night I was going back and forth....should I do the WOD....should I not do it.....when should I do it....how should I train so I am not dead when I do it. I could not make up my mind. So.....when i got to the gym and finished with the 5:30 class.....I new I was going to do it. And I did:

10 Rds

10 Box jumps 24'
10 Pull ups

My Time:

I finished and right away was ecstatic! The time I wanted to beat was 6:27.......i did it! Ans then I started thinking.....did I really? In the back of my head I thought I missed a round somewhere. Luckily I had it taped, but it took multiple times through to be sure that I had....NOT.....missed a round. I submitted the time only to be beat less then 10 minutes later by someone who got a 4:57! Awesome time! After I trained Broc, my 7:00 session, I did one more WOD. This was a competition WOD from the Mid Atlantic Hopper Challenge:

7 Min AMRAP:

5 Push Jerk 135#
12 KB Swings 1.5 Pood
7 Burpees

My Score:
6 Rds + 3 KB Swings

I was happy with score....shooting for 6 Rds. Next up....WORK!!! Great overall day, and happy with my performance.


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