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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yoga....Finding My Center

I planned on going to the box but when I woke up at 5:30 my body was calling for a rest day. I really thought about going in but felt that it would be more beneficial to my body to take it easy.....so.....i slipped down stairs and pooped in my Rodney Yi (sorry Rodney if I spelled that wrong). And....my gosh that did not feel like a rest day. I could barely stretch and anytime I would get into a movement everything would tighten up. Sometimes Yoga is harder then a long metcon.

But, like Rodney says..."Find your Center," I guess that is supposed to make everything better. I will tell you Rodney is wrong. I cannot find center nor find comfort in many of the movements. And my breathing...out the window....it is so uncomfortable when you are all twisted to get a breath in. I do really enjoy the aftermath and how well I feel when I am finished.

Will have to hit it hard tomorrow because I have a meeting early in the morning and cannot make it to the box. Have to get at it early.


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