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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why does it always come back to Deadlifts?

If you have looked at any of my past posts, a few of them have included deadlifts.......my weakness. Well, a workout I have wanted to do happened to have deadlifts in it also.....and I figured why not do it today. This probably was a bad idea but I can always use the extra work. I got this WOD from AgainFaster.com and the best score is 16 Rds + 1 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups. The WOD:

16 Minute AMRAP

8 Chest 2 Bar pull ups
8 Pistols (1 legged alternating squats)
8 Deadlifts 185#

11 Rds + 7 C2B pull ups


(VIDEO....only have half of the WOD but you can see how I struggled at the end)

The workout was rough. I ended up breaking up the DL by 2's after about Rd 5 or 6. I also taped it so you will soon be able to see my struggles.

On a positive note it was my first time coaching a Crossfit class......and I must say I was very excited and even more excited for more classes to come! Hopefully we can get a nice big class in the mornings.

I am planning to take off tomorrow......maybe some Yoga is in the plans though. Either way I have lots of room for improvement, but need some rest before that can happen.


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