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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wall Balls and MU's

I could not sleep last night. I laid in bed for 3 hours counting....thinking....talking....wondering....pondering....about everything. Not sure if it was excitement or if I just wasn't tired, but finally I fell asleep and I was out the door once I woke up.

Started with a 1000M Row for the Warm up. Rowed at about a 2:10 500M pace....nice and slow.....felt good. Then came the WOD:

50 Wall Balls
10 MU's
40 Wall Balls
8 MU's
30 Wall Balls
6 MU's
20 Wall Balls
4 MU's
10 Wall Balls
2 MU's


I took it easy on the Wall Balls so I would be able to make it through the MU's. It didn't help that much. This is a WOD I AM going to do more of. Great for stamina and getting used to MU's while tired. After finishing:

Grace (30 135# Clean and Jerk)


This felt heavy after the WOD. Wanted to throw in some OHS after this:

135# x 3
225# x 2
245# x 2
265# x 1 (FAILED)
265# x 1

Failed the first try at 265#. Did it again easily....I will try 285# soon. Feel like I should be able to do that pretty easily when I am fresh.

I was very excited to get through the WOD and hope to cut down some time on it the next time. I would like to get under 12 Minutes the next time.


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