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Monday, October 11, 2010

Tabata This

Tabata This....I had seen it numerous times but have never taken the plunge....until I saw it on the Main Site and knew it was time.  Called Brandon and made sure it was in the programming for today....it WAS!

Got to the gym and started with 4 square sprints.  Sprint forward to the cone shuffle to the next cone, back peddle to a cone, and the sprint to the finish.  not sure the exact distance but we did quite a few.  Went in the box after the last run and set p for 3 x 5 Max Back Squat:

Warmed up then:

5 x 295#
5 x 305#
5 x 295#

decided to drop down the weight so I did not kill myself for the tabata this WOD.  Then jumped right into press.  kept it simple and did:

5 x 135#.  Not truly a 5 rep Max but again....I did not want to kill myself before this WOD.

Next....and fortunately least.....Tabata This! You do :20 sec on :10 sec rest for 8 Rds on each exercise.  Then you take your lowest score in all 8 Rds and that is your score for that exercise.  You do all 8 Rds for the single exercise, then you have a minute rest and then jump into the next movement:

Calorie Row      8
1 Minute Rest
Air Squats         18
1 Minute Rest
Pull ups             10
1 Minute Rest
Push ups           10
1 Minute Rest
Sit ups              11

Finished with a total of 57.  This was my first time doing this and did not have a good strategy.  I went all out on everything except the row and pull ups.  And my score showed it.  I dropped my rep count on everything because by Rd 4 or 5 in all the other exercises I was struggling.  I will have to do this again and beat those scores.  Strategy in this WOD is crucial......but that's why we do the WOD's....to learn about ourselves.  Loved it and hated it all at the same time........got better.

Ended up finishing the night with Rodney Yee and some Yoga!  Always a good idea!


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