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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Squat Clean

Todays Main Site was from the 2008 Crossfit Games. It was the final WOD to decide the winner. I have never done this workout for a reason.....it looks crazy hard. The workout is:

155# Squat Clean 30x


I was happy with my time. The problem we had was after about 15 reps the clip for the oly bar popped off and it started to come apart. So they had to quickly put a bar together for me to switch to. When I finally switched they had put 165# on the bar. I did about 4 reps with that until I saw that the weight was wrong.....and felt it. I immediately jumped back to the other broken bar to finish off. So.....with all that being said I am happy with the final results.

Later on I rowed a nice 1000M in 3:57 (nice and easy)

Then I Deadlifted for 1 rep Max. I have not done this for a long time and the last time it was 405#.....not where I want to be. I got 435# so I was excited about that.

Then Max Pull ups for reps


That night I did burpees for time. I wanted to beat my last time of 1:46.....I ended up getting it in 1:38. After this I did went down and did Max Deadlifts with 255#:


Overall I felt good and ate a lot of candy for Halloween.


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