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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Off days are always a good idea......as long as they are not an IDEA. I very rarely follow through with an off day. Today so far is an exception. I woke up and did nothing....check.....I went to work still having done nothing physical.....check. So far so good.....it is only 9 AM though.....still plenty of time to do something stupid. Fortunately, I will be at work until 6 and not be at home until 6:30PM taking away a big chunk of the day.

I am feeling confident I can take a complete rest day.....with stretching excluded. Wierd.....I never thought I would talk of the struggles of being inactive for a day when so many people struggle with activity for 5 minutes. I am thankful that my passion for fitness pushes me to the opposite extreme. I hope that those who struggle on the other end can find the will power....as I am on my spectrum to force yourself to get up and do something.

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