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Monday, October 25, 2010


I love every day of my life......but days like today are extra special. I am off work, I get to spend the day with my wife and daughter, and I got to spend extra time in the Box this morning. Great Day! Started normal with Max 3 Rep Front Squat:

3 Rep Max FS
Warm up then:

185# x 3
225# x 3
275# x 3
305# x 3 (FAILED on the 3rd rep!)

Was upset about the fail....as everyone is.....I was halfway up and lost it. My quads could not go up and I had to bail.


1 Clean and Jerk 235#
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats


I took my time on the C & J and finished about right where I was thinking. This was a good workout overall.......20 Rds would have been brutal!

After that I played around a little bit. Saw on Again Faster one of the Competition WODs was 2 Rep OHS Max.....my shoulders are shot but I gave it a try:

2 Rep OHS Max:
Warm Up then

185# x 2
215# x 2
235# x 2
255# x 2 (FAILED Rep 2)
255# x 2
275# x 2 (FAILED on the jerk)

Then I did my new Favorite type of WOD:

5 Max Rds KB swing 1.5 Pood:
1 minute rest between Rds

1) 33
2) 22
3) 23
4) 18
5) 17

My shoulders were fried! Figured I would call it a day and go hang out with the family!


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