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Monday, October 4, 2010

Jada Diaries

When I found out my wife was pregnant with our now 9 month old (she will be on the 12th of this month). I decided to journal to her. I would try to write something every night before she was born. It may have been something educational (rarely happened), somethings i wanted for her, somethings I hoped for her, how I felt, how I hope she felt.......you get the idea.

I got this idea from a soldier. He was deployed while his wife was pregnant. He decided to write to his unborn son. Every day he would write to him. Then finally the boy was born. The father was able to come home for two weeks on leave to meet his son. They took pictures and had a blast! He went back on deployment. He was then killed in the line of duty. This broke my heart, his wife was now a single mother with a new son. But, the father had left something.....9 months of lessons for his son.

See, his son may have only met him once......but I assure you he will know his dad and what he wanted for him. His mother reads to him out of this every day. She even made a book out of the writings. I wanted to have something my daughter could go by if I were to pass.....or even when I am not close. She can take it to college, with her through life, and even to laugh at with her friends.

Well,once she was born I decided I could stop, because I would have videos, pictures, and so much stuff that I can show and tell her. But, the things happening before she was born would be hardest to explain considering I had never been a father and everything would change once she was born. And....knowing me I would forget everything if it were not written down.

Today.....felt like another one of those journal days. I woke up and was unlocking the door to go to the Box (no excuses....alarm went off, I was up, had my post workout snack, the works) Then as I was about to open it I heard a noise upstairs. I heard another and it began to grow. I then heard my wife get up and decided.....I do not need to go to the gym, I want to be with my family. I walked upstairs and waited in the room. Eventually I was down feeding my beautiful girl as my wife...tried...and I stressed this.....to go back to sleep. Once the girl was done eating, I thought she would go back to sleep.....oh no!!!! She decided to puke all over me!

Long story a little shorter eventually she laid down with my wife and I went into the basement for a workout.

I will be headed to the Box with my wife at 9:00AM for a WOD together.

Here is what I did:

Main site (minus the rope climbs) took a 3 Minute rest between sets:

50 Back squat 95# -2:17
40 Back squat 115# -1:49
30 Back squat 135# -1:20
20 Back squat 155# -:52
10 Back Squat 185# -:25

I went unbroken on all the sets. The time it took to complete each is on the side. This was a good WOD and I will have to do something like this again.

After I set up to 45# bumper plates. 2 Sets of push ups off the bumpers. That little extra depth does A LOT! I will have to do more of these push ups. This was my first time:

1 - 36
2 - 20 (immediately after the 36)

Went to Box and did:

2009 Arnold Sectional Workout - Row / OHS / Toes 2 Bar

500M Row
15 OHS 95#
500M Row
15 Toes 2 Bar
500M Row
15 OHS
500M Row
15 Toes 2 Bar

11:07 (took my time and had to mess with the Rower a lot, felt like I could have easily shaved :30 or more seconds off.....My time at Sectional - 12:01......Much Better and easier!!)


6 Rds

10 Walking Lunges 165#
2 Broad Jumps
10 M Down and back


Then I owed 50 Burpees for leaving weights out last week:


My legs will be shot tomorrow...but....and my wife hates when I say this.....I'm still gonna get better!!

Posted my push up struggles:

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  1. Somehow set 1 and 2 got flip flopped in the vid.