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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As you may know.....I received my Cert this weekend. Well......I am hoping to start coaching next Thursday! This is awesome and should only get better as I begin my journey as a Crossfit Coach. I am excited and will do everything I can to be the best coach I can.

Now to today, I made up a WOD that was not to difficult but yet had me tired:

5 Rds

10 Burpees
400M Run
10 155# Deadlifts


I need to start pushing myself to run harder and faster. This will come with practice. I will have to try the Main Site WOD from today....it looked like a doosy. After this WOD I did some DLing:

5 x 275#
5 x 295#
3 x 325#
2 x 345#
2 x 365# x 5 Rds
1 x 395# (FAILED)

I video taped my self on the last 2 sets and my back really rounded which I need to work on. As I fatigue I need to keep myself tight in the Mid line keeping my back from arching.

I stopped by the gym after work and jumped on the pull up bar and did:

36 Pull up (PR)

One thing I never do is Max pull ups. I decided today while they were doing a WOD to jump on the bar and go for about 10 and then I kept going. I hit 30 and thought this is easy. Then I hit 36 and it hurt and I dropped. before this I did 32 about 1 Month ago and dropped so maybe next time it will be 40......not sure....but......I will get better!


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