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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheat Day

I have been feeling pretty guilty......unhappy......disappointed......disqusted....all the y words and ed words you can put together that are negative. I feel the last 3 days at work I have ate so horrible. They have candy and cookies and I have been helping myself every once in awhile. This is not good considering I just came up with a cheat day for Sundays, this way I have a day to look forward to and cheat on my diet. Unfortunately I have cheated all most everyday since last weekend......so much for needing a cheat day when all you do is cheat......

So.....now for the end of the 60 day challenge our gym had. Everyone came in to get pictures taken and to be weighed and measured who was involved. And then after a workout everyone indulged in everything they could not eat for the 60 days. Way to be at this place when I already feel bad enough. lets just say I ate some but not as much as I thought I would. So....starting now....since I already cheated today....I will not cheat on my diet until Sundays.

The workout we did in the gym was a team WOD...I was in a team of two:

15 Tire Flips 500# tire
400 M run
30 Push Press 95#
15 Tire Flips 350# tire


After this workout I decided to do "Nasty Girls for the first time:

3 Rds

50 Air Squats
7 MU's
10 Hang Clean 135#


Really had no idea where I should shoot so I just went. Felt good, but will have to again to break 7 minutes. Good day and now to work!


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