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Saturday, October 2, 2010


If I wasn't motivated yesterday....then I am today. I set my alarm to get up 2 hours before I had to leave to work (I am working a half day today). Well......sometimes they do not work right. I woke up and thought, "I feel like my alarm should have gone off (looked at window) still dark, I'll go back to sleep."

Wake up again thinking, "ok seriously, I am wide awake", pull phone up to see time. 7:07AM (was set for 6:15). Are you serious! Now I can never get a workout in. I jumped up, knowing I had multiple WODs planned this morning. My wife and I have many plans after work because we are spending the weekend together for our 2 Yr Anniversary.

I jump down stairs in my skivees, knowing I have 20 minutes Max to get warm and get a WOD in. I decide Diane will be good. I needed to get dealifting in, not enough time, and a WOD. instead I will incorporate them. (I barely warm up and jump into it).

Diane (21-15-9: Deadlift 225# / HSPU)


Humiliating!!!!! My PR is 2:49......I went in thinking I would smash it! Now......I know last nights WOD left my back tired......but still, after straight setting the 21's I was like a sloth. What is wrong with me!

This has me focused, I have to be able to be at peak performance at all times, and this showed that I am not. I WILL PR on this next time! And it will be very soon! I WILL!

You should beat that time Lion.

Got home from work and Back Squated 95#:


Then did Deadlift work (need to increase the max)

185# x 3
275# x 5
305# x 5
325# x 5
345# x 3
345# x 3
375# x 1

Felt good, will need to increase sets and reps.



  1. you have to think back to last time you did the wod what you did the day before...but i get how you feel though about staying top notch all the time.

  2. Ya....I have to remember that effects me more then I think sometimes.