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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

400 M

Interval running is not always fun.....but just like a WOD it can be deceiving. I woke up to the day with a sore back after deadlifting. I had wanted to do some things but knew it would be tough. When I got to the gym we started with the Main Site:

1 Rep Max Thruster

225# (FAILED
235# (FAILED)

Then was the running which.....like I said earlier looked easy. But, when you push hard something easy turns to something crazy hard! This is what happened. When we were done with the thrusters Brandon said we will be running 4 x 400M sprints. Easy right.......well, the run is a little difficult and is a down and back. I went all out! It sucked. Looked like this:

Run 1) 1:09
Run 2) 1:14
Run 3) 1:15
Run 4) 1:18

My hamstrings were so tight and my left calf was on fire. It made me wonder how anyone can run a 4 Minute mile. Surely not I said the cow.....(cows are not fast). Anyway I will do something for fun tonight when I get home to loosen the old back up.

When I got home we had no food......and what does someone trying to eat gluten free and a semi-strict paleo diet do.......orders Papa John's because all they have is money for a pizza. Wow......so of course I feel horrible (bloated and my conscious feels horrible). So......I decide to do a WOD I did 3 months ago. A games WOD with my own twist. In the 2010 games they did a WOD with Ring HSPU, I did paralette HSPU but instead of the 4 reps they used I did 7. Here is what is looked like:

7 Rds

3 205# Power Cleans
7 Paralette HSPU (nose to ground using 30# DB for different grip)

My tim 7/21/2010 - 7:54
Tonight - 6:22

It felt good to do better but I know I can go faster, my back is shot (there's must have been worse at this point in the games) and I know that slowed me, but happy none the less.


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