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Sunday, October 24, 2010

21-15-9: Deadlifts / OHS.....WHAT!

WHAT!!!!.....I saw this WOD on the Main Site and was ready. I saw Chris Spealler do this in 5:09 and that was my goal. It looked different but I felt like I would be ok. Of course.......DL are my weakness......still!!!!. I am always working on them, but things do not change over night and I need to continue to work on them. I am excited about getting better.....and as I feel about all my WODs there is plenty of room for improvement.

On a side note I am excited for my first class on Tuesday at 5:30AM at Crossfit South Bend. Should be a blast!


21 - 15 - 9

225# DL
135# OHS

Wrecked me, my lower back was on fire. After I finished this I had other plans that I thought about changing......ended up sticking with it though:


Max 135# C&J

Rd 1 - 10
Rd 2 - 8
Rd 3 - 5
Rd 4 - 6
Rd 5 - 5

Sucked also.....but I like this type of training and will try incorporating it so I can keep getting better mentally and physically at my "GO".

Then I did some pull ups

32 Straight
20 straight

Headed home. Great day at the gym! Also, check out Again Faster......they have WOD's posted to try to beat some top competitors and you can win cool stuff if you do!



  1. That is a pretty sick time...what are you finding wrong with your deadlifts they look pretty strong from your vid.

  2. I am just not as strong as I would like in the lift, and my endurance is not where I want it to be. I want over a 475# DL and I am not there yet.