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Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Years

First.....I want to say thank you to my wife. For 2 years of love that I could have never had from anyone else, you truly are my soul mate. Thank you for giving birth to our beautiful girl Jada Grace Urankar, and Thank you for putting up with me for 2 years and many more to come. I love you.

My two year anniversary with my wife is tomorrow. Two years of marriage.....with the most amazing women in the world! A new baby, new house, new job, new town, new hobby, loss of a dog, and a million new amazing and not so amazing things. Not everything that has happened these last two years has been something to smile about. It helps having Chelssie next to me in all the good and the bad. She makes everything more fun and everything easier to cope and deal with. Without her I would not be alone who I am with her. I thank her for making me better and making me happy.

Had to get that out there. We had a great night last night together and I plan on having a great rest of the weekend. We will be going to the Box together tomorrow morning to do a workout. I love working out with her.

Today I ran out to a spot I call my play zone (I do not actually call it that, but I think I will start), it is about a half mile away and they have a pull up bar there....which I do not have at home. The workout was:

10 Rds

10 Pull ups
10 Dips

8:46 (old PR 7/16/2010 - 11:58)


Tabata V-ups

Minimum reps 9

The wife baby and I went on a stroll together through South Bend. The run was nice and we got to talk a lot which is always a plus. We ran for 24:21.

I am not sure if I will do something tonight....ok.....I know I will......I am just not sure. I am going to try to get up to the box at 5:30 before me and Chels go together to get two workouts in since it has been so long since I have been there.

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