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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Kinda like 300 but a lot more. This morning at the box we did the Crossfit Football WOD:

Lift 10,000#

1 Back Squat
1 Bench
1 Power Clean

You choose the weight. Try to do as much weight as you can. After doing the 3 lifts you have done 1 RD. This was tough to judde what you could do consistantly. You go as fast as you can no stopping if poosible. I warmed up and decided......well I kept changing my decisions.....until ultimately I decided......

275# Front Squat
235# Bench Press
245# Power Clean

This equalled out to 13 Rds to hit my 10,000#......at least I thought 13Rds. I just decided to do the math and it came out to 9,815#. So I missed a lift, wish I would have paid more attention in math class now. Oh well, cannot go back now. I decided to do Front Squat because that will help me more with my Olympic Lifts which i need to get good at in the bottom position.

I maintained my weights for the workout except after Rd 4 I went to 235# Power Clean. My Time:


Very good workout. It took a lot more prep work then I anticipated so I was unable to get another WOD in. I did do some other things in stead:

No Time

3 Rds

20 KB Swings 1.5 Pood
40 DU's


50 Burpees for time
1:46 (PR)

It was a good day and I may do more tonight!


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