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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Has anyone ever decided whole hearted to do something? I mean your sitting in a quiet place and come up with something...sounds great and you get psyched......about :30 seconds later you say, "I am doing that as soon as I can, no matter what".....then :30 seconds after that you say....what the heck am I thinking.....that is crazy!

I had that moment yesterday. Driving home from work I came up with something to do when I got home. Sounded great, great to the point where I was so enthused, then in no time I was trying to talk myself out of it.....or at least lower the expectations of what my mind thought up:

For Time:

100 Burpees
100 Push Press w/ 30# DB

What was I thinking! I did do the workout, but wanted to quit after 50 burpees.....telling myself...."that's good enough....you do not need to do anymore!"...that is the moment you get better! When your mind tells you one thing but your body keeps moving. The moment when you want know more but you have another part of you wanting more. I love that part!

I video taped this WOD to see how bad I looked. My time was

9:19 (4:41 to finish the burpees...old PR was 4:53)





This morning came and went. I woke up and ran to the track in the pitch black planning to run 100M sprints for time and have a :20 rest in between sprints. Well, turns out I could barely see one foot in front of another.......plus someone decided to leave a chair on the track for me to almost kill myself. After my eyes adjusted to see better, I ran:

12 x 100M (no time.....:20 or less rest between sprints)

The runs were easy and I should have done at least 20....but I am not used running on a cement track and my toes start to blister. I am going to work up to what we did in college:

20 x 100M sprints (in less then :20 sec and :20 sec rest)
2 minute rest
20 x 100M sprints (in less then :20 sec and :20 sec rest)

That will come a few times a month once my toes get used to the ground.

Getting better

Deadlifts when I got home:

275# x 5
305# x 5
325# x 3
345# x 3
365# x 2
345# x 2
345# x 2
375# x 1

Back was so tight still from the past days work.

50 Pistols for time: 1:49


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