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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Squat Clean

Todays Main Site was from the 2008 Crossfit Games. It was the final WOD to decide the winner. I have never done this workout for a reason.....it looks crazy hard. The workout is:

155# Squat Clean 30x


I was happy with my time. The problem we had was after about 15 reps the clip for the oly bar popped off and it started to come apart. So they had to quickly put a bar together for me to switch to. When I finally switched they had put 165# on the bar. I did about 4 reps with that until I saw that the weight was wrong.....and felt it. I immediately jumped back to the other broken bar to finish off. So.....with all that being said I am happy with the final results.

Later on I rowed a nice 1000M in 3:57 (nice and easy)

Then I Deadlifted for 1 rep Max. I have not done this for a long time and the last time it was 405#.....not where I want to be. I got 435# so I was excited about that.

Then Max Pull ups for reps


That night I did burpees for time. I wanted to beat my last time of 1:46.....I ended up getting it in 1:38. After this I did went down and did Max Deadlifts with 255#:


Overall I felt good and ate a lot of candy for Halloween.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheat Day

I have been feeling pretty guilty......unhappy......disappointed......disqusted....all the y words and ed words you can put together that are negative. I feel the last 3 days at work I have ate so horrible. They have candy and cookies and I have been helping myself every once in awhile. This is not good considering I just came up with a cheat day for Sundays, this way I have a day to look forward to and cheat on my diet. Unfortunately I have cheated all most everyday since last weekend......so much for needing a cheat day when all you do is cheat......

So.....now for the end of the 60 day challenge our gym had. Everyone came in to get pictures taken and to be weighed and measured who was involved. And then after a workout everyone indulged in everything they could not eat for the 60 days. Way to be at this place when I already feel bad enough. lets just say I ate some but not as much as I thought I would. So....starting now....since I already cheated today....I will not cheat on my diet until Sundays.

The workout we did in the gym was a team WOD...I was in a team of two:

15 Tire Flips 500# tire
400 M run
30 Push Press 95#
15 Tire Flips 350# tire


After this workout I decided to do "Nasty Girls for the first time:

3 Rds

50 Air Squats
7 MU's
10 Hang Clean 135#


Really had no idea where I should shoot so I just went. Felt good, but will have to again to break 7 minutes. Good day and now to work!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Forcing Work

So I woke up and did not feel very motivated.....sounds familiar to a few weeks ago. Well.....I made myself get out of bed early and head to the basement. I had to be out of the house just after 7 am for a meeting at work so I did not have much time.

I wanted to do some Max rep work....but again remember I am not very motivated. I did first Max Back Squat w/ 95#:

53 reps (quit early.....do not know why....probably mentally weak)


Max Push ups

83 (PR)

I could have kept going but I quit right at a PR. Sorry about the horrible morning. I am planning to do a quick met-con later tonight.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trials and Tribulations of choosing a WOD

So......I was trying to think of a WOD for today's classes at the box......and found an interesting one....21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Burpees / KB Swings 70# from Crossfit Roselle.

I wanted to do this WOD for myself but also really wanted to do yesterday's Main Site WOD: 20 Minute AMRAP: 10 Squat Snatches 95# - 10 Ring Dips - 10 K2E. Dilemma.....

Here lied my problem, 2 WOD's and only a short period of time. Plus, I added a strength aspect of:

3-3-3-3-3-3, doing 1 set every minute with heavy weight clean and jerk.

used 225# and went unbroken

So....after long deliberation I did all of it. As soon as the class I was coaching finished i did the Burpee / KB WOD. I used a 70#:


8:08 (will need to watch the video to make sure I did all the reps)

Then after I trained my Brother in-law I did the Main site Wod from the other day. my goal was to beat the top person on the Main Site who did 10 Rds + 5 Squat Snatch. The workout was

20 Min AMRAP:

10 Squat Snatches 95#
10 Ring Dips
10 K2E

10 Rds + 10 Squat Snatches

Very Excited because I was able to beat the score I wanted too. I have the WOD on video if anyone wants to see it, it will not upload to youtube.com because it is to long.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Off days are always a good idea......as long as they are not an IDEA. I very rarely follow through with an off day. Today so far is an exception. I woke up and did nothing....check.....I went to work still having done nothing physical.....check. So far so good.....it is only 9 AM though.....still plenty of time to do something stupid. Fortunately, I will be at work until 6 and not be at home until 6:30PM taking away a big chunk of the day.

I am feeling confident I can take a complete rest day.....with stretching excluded. Wierd.....I never thought I would talk of the struggles of being inactive for a day when so many people struggle with activity for 5 minutes. I am thankful that my passion for fitness pushes me to the opposite extreme. I hope that those who struggle on the other end can find the will power....as I am on my spectrum to force yourself to get up and do something.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why does it always come back to Deadlifts?

If you have looked at any of my past posts, a few of them have included deadlifts.......my weakness. Well, a workout I have wanted to do happened to have deadlifts in it also.....and I figured why not do it today. This probably was a bad idea but I can always use the extra work. I got this WOD from AgainFaster.com and the best score is 16 Rds + 1 Chest 2 Bar Pull ups. The WOD:

16 Minute AMRAP

8 Chest 2 Bar pull ups
8 Pistols (1 legged alternating squats)
8 Deadlifts 185#

11 Rds + 7 C2B pull ups


(VIDEO....only have half of the WOD but you can see how I struggled at the end)

The workout was rough. I ended up breaking up the DL by 2's after about Rd 5 or 6. I also taped it so you will soon be able to see my struggles.

On a positive note it was my first time coaching a Crossfit class......and I must say I was very excited and even more excited for more classes to come! Hopefully we can get a nice big class in the mornings.

I am planning to take off tomorrow......maybe some Yoga is in the plans though. Either way I have lots of room for improvement, but need some rest before that can happen.


Monday, October 25, 2010


I love every day of my life......but days like today are extra special. I am off work, I get to spend the day with my wife and daughter, and I got to spend extra time in the Box this morning. Great Day! Started normal with Max 3 Rep Front Squat:

3 Rep Max FS
Warm up then:

185# x 3
225# x 3
275# x 3
305# x 3 (FAILED on the 3rd rep!)

Was upset about the fail....as everyone is.....I was halfway up and lost it. My quads could not go up and I had to bail.


1 Clean and Jerk 235#
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats


I took my time on the C & J and finished about right where I was thinking. This was a good workout overall.......20 Rds would have been brutal!

After that I played around a little bit. Saw on Again Faster one of the Competition WODs was 2 Rep OHS Max.....my shoulders are shot but I gave it a try:

2 Rep OHS Max:
Warm Up then

185# x 2
215# x 2
235# x 2
255# x 2 (FAILED Rep 2)
255# x 2
275# x 2 (FAILED on the jerk)

Then I did my new Favorite type of WOD:

5 Max Rds KB swing 1.5 Pood:
1 minute rest between Rds

1) 33
2) 22
3) 23
4) 18
5) 17

My shoulders were fried! Figured I would call it a day and go hang out with the family!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

21-15-9: Deadlifts / OHS.....WHAT!

WHAT!!!!.....I saw this WOD on the Main Site and was ready. I saw Chris Spealler do this in 5:09 and that was my goal. It looked different but I felt like I would be ok. Of course.......DL are my weakness......still!!!!. I am always working on them, but things do not change over night and I need to continue to work on them. I am excited about getting better.....and as I feel about all my WODs there is plenty of room for improvement.

On a side note I am excited for my first class on Tuesday at 5:30AM at Crossfit South Bend. Should be a blast!


21 - 15 - 9

225# DL
135# OHS

Wrecked me, my lower back was on fire. After I finished this I had other plans that I thought about changing......ended up sticking with it though:


Max 135# C&J

Rd 1 - 10
Rd 2 - 8
Rd 3 - 5
Rd 4 - 6
Rd 5 - 5

Sucked also.....but I like this type of training and will try incorporating it so I can keep getting better mentally and physically at my "GO".

Then I did some pull ups

32 Straight
20 straight

Headed home. Great day at the gym! Also, check out Again Faster......they have WOD's posted to try to beat some top competitors and you can win cool stuff if you do!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

2008 Crossfit Game DL Burpee WOD

I personally feel that the 2008 Crossfit Games were Crossfits coming out party. I say this because it is what I first heard about when someone was speaking of Crossfit (and that is just my opinion)! I have tried a workout from these games before that I quit. One that I quit when I was lacking in the DL department.....it hurt and was hard.....ever heard that before from a Crossfitter....YES. The workout is 5Rds: 5 275# Deadlifts - 10 Burpees. I am going to do this one sometime this weekend. My goal is to be close to Spealler's time at the 2008 Games. He may be small but he pakcs a punch. he finished in 2:44 and got 2nd place for the workout. This will be tough but is a good goal. I know now he would crush this time though. I am working to that oint.

I woke up early today but knew I needed to take it easy. So.....turned on the TV and relaxed for a half hour instead of doing this WOD. Today is DL day but my back is still tight so I figured this would be a good change on my DL day. Hope to get it in with a good time tonight or tomorrow.


Done.....I got home and did the WOD:

5 Rds

5 275# DL
10 Burpees


Not bad, I thought it was faster until I saw the time on my watch. Happy though.....room for improvement!




Friday, October 22, 2010

Weighted Vest

I realized awhile back I need to start using a weighted vest. Two problems.....the box only has one....and it will make the WOD's harder then they already are. Well, today when I arived there was a WOD that was perfect for it....a WOD I have done a few times.....and one that sucks. But before the WOD I worked on the Squat Clean to get good technique at the bottom:

Squat Clean

135# x 2
155# x 1
165# x 1
185# x 1
195# x 1
205# x 1
215# x 1
235# x 1
245# x 1
265# x 1
275# x 1 (FAILED)

I felt great about my technique. These were some of the best Squat Cleans I have ever done. I actually caught the 275# but could not stand with it. I have been working on my Front Squat but realized that once the weight get up there and I catch it in the squat I am much lower then in a normal front squat so I need to practice getting real low with a pause....then stand. Never thought Olympic lifting was so technical.....but now I need to try my Snatch with my new found love of the technical side of it. Hoping to only see my lifts get better in weight and with my technique. Once I finished these I popped on the 20# weighted vest and got ready for a beat down.

3 Rds

15 Hang Clean 135#
15 Burpees


My PR on this was just about 2 weeks ago and I got 3:41. The weight vest changed everything. I liked the change up though because that little change wrecked me! Loved it though.

Then I PR'd on Max DU's


I rarely try to do that but I picked up the rope and said 1 time through and I got 64 so I was happy with that.

That night:

HSPU Hold - 1:46

Push Ups w/ 40# weighted vest

40 push ups then
:40 second rest
40 Push ups no vest

Chels made me do the push ups and it sucked! I could not drop but could hold myself any way possible.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Excited about the Midline

Today went into the gym with a WOD from a couple of days ago on my mind. One that some people I knew had tried and I had to give a go. Bulger.....hero WOD. I started warming up with DU's and went over how the coaching will take place in the gym with Brandon.

The WOD for the day was Bulger:

10 RDS

150 M Run
7 C2B Pull Ups
7 135# Front Squat


Went unbroken the whole time and kept a consistent pace and was surprised and felt like I did something wrong when I saw my time. Will not complain though! After the WOD did some heavy lifting. Had not Snatch Balanced for awhile and my old PR was 205#. I warmed up and then:

Snatch balance

155# x 1
165# x 1
175# x 1
185# x 1
195# x 1
205# x 1
215# x 1 (FAILED)
215# x 1 (realized the importance of keeping my mid line tight at this point)
225# x 1
235# x 1 (FAILED)
235# x 1
245# x 1

245# went up easy......I realized that techniques in this and many lifts means more then strength. That is not the biggest thing I took back from the Cert is HOW to keep your midline tight. I used to always tell people and myself but I never did it properly. I am excited to only go up!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

400 M

Interval running is not always fun.....but just like a WOD it can be deceiving. I woke up to the day with a sore back after deadlifting. I had wanted to do some things but knew it would be tough. When I got to the gym we started with the Main Site:

1 Rep Max Thruster

225# (FAILED
235# (FAILED)

Then was the running which.....like I said earlier looked easy. But, when you push hard something easy turns to something crazy hard! This is what happened. When we were done with the thrusters Brandon said we will be running 4 x 400M sprints. Easy right.......well, the run is a little difficult and is a down and back. I went all out! It sucked. Looked like this:

Run 1) 1:09
Run 2) 1:14
Run 3) 1:15
Run 4) 1:18

My hamstrings were so tight and my left calf was on fire. It made me wonder how anyone can run a 4 Minute mile. Surely not I said the cow.....(cows are not fast). Anyway I will do something for fun tonight when I get home to loosen the old back up.

When I got home we had no food......and what does someone trying to eat gluten free and a semi-strict paleo diet do.......orders Papa John's because all they have is money for a pizza. Wow......so of course I feel horrible (bloated and my conscious feels horrible). So......I decide to do a WOD I did 3 months ago. A games WOD with my own twist. In the 2010 games they did a WOD with Ring HSPU, I did paralette HSPU but instead of the 4 reps they used I did 7. Here is what is looked like:

7 Rds

3 205# Power Cleans
7 Paralette HSPU (nose to ground using 30# DB for different grip)

My tim 7/21/2010 - 7:54
Tonight - 6:22

It felt good to do better but I know I can go faster, my back is shot (there's must have been worse at this point in the games) and I know that slowed me, but happy none the less.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As you may know.....I received my Cert this weekend. Well......I am hoping to start coaching next Thursday! This is awesome and should only get better as I begin my journey as a Crossfit Coach. I am excited and will do everything I can to be the best coach I can.

Now to today, I made up a WOD that was not to difficult but yet had me tired:

5 Rds

10 Burpees
400M Run
10 155# Deadlifts


I need to start pushing myself to run harder and faster. This will come with practice. I will have to try the Main Site WOD from today....it looked like a doosy. After this WOD I did some DLing:

5 x 275#
5 x 295#
3 x 325#
2 x 345#
2 x 365# x 5 Rds
1 x 395# (FAILED)

I video taped my self on the last 2 sets and my back really rounded which I need to work on. As I fatigue I need to keep myself tight in the Mid line keeping my back from arching.

I stopped by the gym after work and jumped on the pull up bar and did:

36 Pull up (PR)

One thing I never do is Max pull ups. I decided today while they were doing a WOD to jump on the bar and go for about 10 and then I kept going. I hit 30 and thought this is easy. Then I hit 36 and it hurt and I dropped. before this I did 32 about 1 Month ago and dropped so maybe next time it will be 40......not sure....but......I will get better!


Monday, October 18, 2010

KB Snatches

Went to the gym after the certification excited to work.  Started with a warm up and then jumped into work:

3 x 5 Back Squat


3 x 5 Shoulder Press



21 - 15 - 9

L Arm KB Snatch 1.5 Pood
R Arm KB Snatch 1.5 Pood
Pull ups


This was a Main site WOD about a week or so ago.  It was my first time doing it and was rough.  I could not even hold the kettle bell after awhile.  My hands were Raw after the first 15 swings.  I had to keep setting the KB down because my hands could not take it.  I am disappointed with my time but know the next time it will be different.

I am hoping for a good day tomorrow.....I will be getting up early tomorrow to do some WOD's and then off to work.  I am planning to Deadlift early and then do a WOD with running and a WOD that I have not done in awhile..........75 Snatches at 75#'s.  Should be fun!!


Level 1

I am CrossFit Level 1 Certified and very excited! I had an awesome weekend in Indianapolis for my Certification. Chris Spealler an amzing athlete led the Cert and Chelssie's hero Miranda Oldroyd was there. I had a blast being coached by them and feel so good about what I learned.

I learned so much especially the importance of the basics. This is an area I overlook but now will concentrate a lot more because it makes everything else you do easier and better.

At Certs you always do WOD's also....and my goal was to do a WOD and then hope Spealler would come talk to me....fingers crossed! The first workout we did on Saturday was......FRAN!


95# Thrusters
Pull ups

2:28 (PR)

I PR'd by 1 second. I was excited and thought I would do better but during the WOD I felt slow and weak for some reason, so when I saw the PR......after Spealler told me the time......I knew I could go lots faster next time. He was there screaming at me the whole time and it was awesome. And he came up and talked to me after for awhile. It was great.

Day 2 was nutrition, programming, and more advanced movements. Again I learned a ton! We did a WOD earlier this day and it was a partner WOD:

10 Minute AMRAP

10 Push ups
10 Med Ball Cleans

12 Rds 8 cleans

You could not go to the next movement until your partner was done and then you switched going for the 10 minutes in this manner.

When it was all said and I passed the test....it was an amazing weekend. And me and Spealler are now best friends and I do not care what you think......you were not there!

Iam CrossFit Level 1 Certified and very excited! I had an awesome weekend in Indianapolis for my Certification. Chris Spealler an amzing athlete led the Cert and Chelssie's hero Miranda Oldroyd was there. I had a blast being coached by them and feel so good about what I learned.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hang Power Clean and Burpees

initially I said I was going to take off today because I have a long weekend. I will be in Indianapolis getting my Level 1 Certification and I was told we will be doing multiple WODs. I will then be traveling to Crossfit Indy North after my cert to do a WOD there. Should be fun. But.....like always at work yesterday I thought why not do a WOD Friday morning. I thought.....I like 3 Rds: 15 Hang Power Clean - 15 burpees.

When I got home I thought, well maybe something on the Main Site would be fun too. So....when it updated I checked in out and low and behold. That WOD was posted. I am a genius (just let me feel this way for once) Of course times were listed and I wanted to beat some.......didn't happen like planned.....but I did PR.

15 Hang Power Clean 135#
15 Burpees

3:41 (PR - 3:57 last time)

I was happy I PR'd but want better as always. I like this WOD because it is fast......yet it SUCKS to perform. Next time I want under 3:30. And I have plenty of room for improvement.

Excited for the weekend....Wish me well!


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Kinda like 300 but a lot more. This morning at the box we did the Crossfit Football WOD:

Lift 10,000#

1 Back Squat
1 Bench
1 Power Clean

You choose the weight. Try to do as much weight as you can. After doing the 3 lifts you have done 1 RD. This was tough to judde what you could do consistantly. You go as fast as you can no stopping if poosible. I warmed up and decided......well I kept changing my decisions.....until ultimately I decided......

275# Front Squat
235# Bench Press
245# Power Clean

This equalled out to 13 Rds to hit my 10,000#......at least I thought 13Rds. I just decided to do the math and it came out to 9,815#. So I missed a lift, wish I would have paid more attention in math class now. Oh well, cannot go back now. I decided to do Front Squat because that will help me more with my Olympic Lifts which i need to get good at in the bottom position.

I maintained my weights for the workout except after Rd 4 I went to 235# Power Clean. My Time:


Very good workout. It took a lot more prep work then I anticipated so I was unable to get another WOD in. I did do some other things in stead:

No Time

3 Rds

20 KB Swings 1.5 Pood
40 DU's


50 Burpees for time
1:46 (PR)

It was a good day and I may do more tonight!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wall Balls and MU's

I could not sleep last night. I laid in bed for 3 hours counting....thinking....talking....wondering....pondering....about everything. Not sure if it was excitement or if I just wasn't tired, but finally I fell asleep and I was out the door once I woke up.

Started with a 1000M Row for the Warm up. Rowed at about a 2:10 500M pace....nice and slow.....felt good. Then came the WOD:

50 Wall Balls
10 MU's
40 Wall Balls
8 MU's
30 Wall Balls
6 MU's
20 Wall Balls
4 MU's
10 Wall Balls
2 MU's


I took it easy on the Wall Balls so I would be able to make it through the MU's. It didn't help that much. This is a WOD I AM going to do more of. Great for stamina and getting used to MU's while tired. After finishing:

Grace (30 135# Clean and Jerk)


This felt heavy after the WOD. Wanted to throw in some OHS after this:

135# x 3
225# x 2
245# x 2
265# x 1 (FAILED)
265# x 1

Failed the first try at 265#. Did it again easily....I will try 285# soon. Feel like I should be able to do that pretty easily when I am fresh.

I was very excited to get through the WOD and hope to cut down some time on it the next time. I would like to get under 12 Minutes the next time.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Off Day....Minus Deadliftss

Today I decided to take the day off.....yes.....I was sore....but not horribly....yes......I could have worked out.........didn't......Why? I felt I shouldn't. It took a lot not to, but I felt sometimes you just need to say no. What I did not say no to though was......deadlifting. I have my routine of Tueday's and Saturday's where I deadlift. That is not a workout just practice at getting better.

Plus, right before I went downstairs to deadlift I saw the Main site:

50 Wall Balls
10 MU's
40 Wall Balls
8 MU's
30 Wall Balls
6 MU's
20 Wall Balls
4 MU's
10 Wall Balls
2 MU's

I am in love! I will start off by saying I hate Wall Balls so anytime something shows up I hate I am excited.....excited to get better....excited to do it......excited to be done and hate it less because I am better......or hate it more and want to do it again because it got the better of me. So.....I AM EXCITED!! Tomorrow Morn I will meet wall balls and MU's!

But....today I Deadlifted:

Warm up then:

275# x 5
305# x 5
325# x 3
345# x 2
365# 5 sets x 2
395# x 1 (all the weight I have)

Then AMRAP 225#


Rested about a minute between sets. Felt good and pulled 395# pretty easily being how tired my back was. Look forward to tomorrow and this weekend for my Cert. I will soon be a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer! Always looking to get better.....that should help!!!!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Tabata This

Tabata This....I had seen it numerous times but have never taken the plunge....until I saw it on the Main Site and knew it was time.  Called Brandon and made sure it was in the programming for today....it WAS!

Got to the gym and started with 4 square sprints.  Sprint forward to the cone shuffle to the next cone, back peddle to a cone, and the sprint to the finish.  not sure the exact distance but we did quite a few.  Went in the box after the last run and set p for 3 x 5 Max Back Squat:

Warmed up then:

5 x 295#
5 x 305#
5 x 295#

decided to drop down the weight so I did not kill myself for the tabata this WOD.  Then jumped right into press.  kept it simple and did:

5 x 135#.  Not truly a 5 rep Max but again....I did not want to kill myself before this WOD.

Next....and fortunately least.....Tabata This! You do :20 sec on :10 sec rest for 8 Rds on each exercise.  Then you take your lowest score in all 8 Rds and that is your score for that exercise.  You do all 8 Rds for the single exercise, then you have a minute rest and then jump into the next movement:

Calorie Row      8
1 Minute Rest
Air Squats         18
1 Minute Rest
Pull ups             10
1 Minute Rest
Push ups           10
1 Minute Rest
Sit ups              11

Finished with a total of 57.  This was my first time doing this and did not have a good strategy.  I went all out on everything except the row and pull ups.  And my score showed it.  I dropped my rep count on everything because by Rd 4 or 5 in all the other exercises I was struggling.  I will have to do this again and beat those scores.  Strategy in this WOD is crucial......but that's why we do the WOD's....to learn about ourselves.  Loved it and hated it all at the same time........got better.

Ended up finishing the night with Rodney Yee and some Yoga!  Always a good idea!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Daddy Daughter Day

Today was daddy daughter day! Me and my daughter Jada got to spend most of the day together and let Mommy do whatever she wanted. Was good for her to have a day like that. Before that we went to the Box together:

Warm up:

Messed around with heavy KB Swings, pull ups, MU's, and HSPU's


"Jack" AMRAP 20 Min:

115# Push press 10
10 KB Swings 55#
10 Box Jumps 24'

14 Rds + 10 KB Swings

I was happy with my score but know I can do better! I will do it again (I say that about everything and know eventually I will).

Then 4 x 30 DU's going unbroken.

I decided before leaving I would do some Clean and Jerks:

1 x 205#
1 x 225#
1 x 245#
1 x 265# (Failed Jerk)

5 x 205# (Concentrated on Jerk)

When we got home Jada got packed up and we were off. We headed out and ended up going on about a 7 Mile trip to Grandma Nora and Grandpa Jon's house. We stopped and went slow. Hung out there for about an hour and then took the trip back (Jada slept the whole day). Had a lot of fun with her! Can't wait for the next one.


Saturday, October 9, 2010


Has anyone ever decided whole hearted to do something? I mean your sitting in a quiet place and come up with something...sounds great and you get psyched......about :30 seconds later you say, "I am doing that as soon as I can, no matter what".....then :30 seconds after that you say....what the heck am I thinking.....that is crazy!

I had that moment yesterday. Driving home from work I came up with something to do when I got home. Sounded great, great to the point where I was so enthused, then in no time I was trying to talk myself out of it.....or at least lower the expectations of what my mind thought up:

For Time:

100 Burpees
100 Push Press w/ 30# DB

What was I thinking! I did do the workout, but wanted to quit after 50 burpees.....telling myself...."that's good enough....you do not need to do anymore!"...that is the moment you get better! When your mind tells you one thing but your body keeps moving. The moment when you want know more but you have another part of you wanting more. I love that part!

I video taped this WOD to see how bad I looked. My time was

9:19 (4:41 to finish the burpees...old PR was 4:53)





This morning came and went. I woke up and ran to the track in the pitch black planning to run 100M sprints for time and have a :20 rest in between sprints. Well, turns out I could barely see one foot in front of another.......plus someone decided to leave a chair on the track for me to almost kill myself. After my eyes adjusted to see better, I ran:

12 x 100M (no time.....:20 or less rest between sprints)

The runs were easy and I should have done at least 20....but I am not used running on a cement track and my toes start to blister. I am going to work up to what we did in college:

20 x 100M sprints (in less then :20 sec and :20 sec rest)
2 minute rest
20 x 100M sprints (in less then :20 sec and :20 sec rest)

That will come a few times a month once my toes get used to the ground.

Getting better

Deadlifts when I got home:

275# x 5
305# x 5
325# x 3
345# x 3
365# x 2
345# x 2
345# x 2
375# x 1

Back was so tight still from the past days work.

50 Pistols for time: 1:49


Friday, October 8, 2010

Push ups

Went to the box this morning ready to work. Warmed up and then:

Max 3 Rep Power Clean

3 x 185#
3 x 205#
3 x 225#
3 x 245#
3 x 255# (failed 2nd rep!)

Then did 29 butterfly pull ups


AMRAP 15 Min:

Max Push ups
1/2 Gasser (50M and back)

Finished with 153 Push ups and 12Rd.

I averaged just over 12 push ups a Rd. This starts to get hard to do push ups in the later Rd. Think i should have got more push ups....but those pull ups effected my push ups more then I thought they would (that's my excuse). Hoping to get a WOD in tonight sometime if I can.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


I woke up this morning feeling wrecked! Not something I noticed immediately....no it was a slow oncoming wreck, one that when I got out of bed I thought I was just tight. I loosened up in the basement and realized I was only getting tired. This is DOMS! From below my Traps to my lower back feel like they are inflamed! With what I am not sure, feels like shards of rocks. My warm up just made it worse. I looked at what I had in front of me:

AMRAP 20 MIN (immediately changed it from 30 when I felt my back tightening)

3 Paralette HSPU (6 inches off the ground...nose to floor)
5 Burpees
7 Sit ups
9 Mountain Climbers
11 Air Squats
2 135# Power Clean (changed from squat clean...did that the first Rd and my back about gave out)

Finished 13 Rds + 3 Sit ups

Lets just say I am sitting up nice and tall right now to avoid the pain. This was a WOD I was hoping to fly through at a consistent pace....I used a consistent pace but I did not fly through it. Every time I got to the power cleans I shrieked like my little sister used to do. Not a shriek of fear.....but a shriek for the agony I new I would endure......and I only had 2 reps!

Lets just say hang cleans got thrown out of the mix for the day and I may be done!

ON the flip side found out there may be a competition in Indianapolis on the 14th of November. Excited for that. And I am signed up to get my Level 1 Cert on the 16th and 17th. Pumped for that! Then its time to start really looking into getting a box started! Wish me luck......oh....,and my back.......it is getting better.....but not in the pain free sense.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yoga....Finding My Center

I planned on going to the box but when I woke up at 5:30 my body was calling for a rest day. I really thought about going in but felt that it would be more beneficial to my body to take it easy.....so.....i slipped down stairs and pooped in my Rodney Yi (sorry Rodney if I spelled that wrong). And....my gosh that did not feel like a rest day. I could barely stretch and anytime I would get into a movement everything would tighten up. Sometimes Yoga is harder then a long metcon.

But, like Rodney says..."Find your Center," I guess that is supposed to make everything better. I will tell you Rodney is wrong. I cannot find center nor find comfort in many of the movements. And my breathing...out the window....it is so uncomfortable when you are all twisted to get a breath in. I do really enjoy the aftermath and how well I feel when I am finished.

Will have to hit it hard tomorrow because I have a meeting early in the morning and cannot make it to the box. Have to get at it early.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tues and Thur

Tuesdays and Thursday mornings Brandon, a guy from Crossfit Michiana and myself began doing WODs together. It is hard with classes to be able to work out together. Here is what we did today:

Warm up 5 Rds:

1 Muscle up
20 DU's

No Time

Max Chest over 2nd Bar Pull ups (also belly to the bar) 3 Rds:


DL 5 Rep Max:

375# x 5 (PR)

Snatch Max:

205# (PR)

On the minute for 12 Minutes:

2 Power Snatch
4 Burpees
15 DU's (I threw these in after the 4th Rd)

Used 185# Rd 1
165# Rd 2 and 3
155# Rest of the Rds

Then to top it off:

20 KB Swings 1.5 Pood

15 Muscle Ups (No Time)

Great Day!!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Jada Diaries

When I found out my wife was pregnant with our now 9 month old (she will be on the 12th of this month). I decided to journal to her. I would try to write something every night before she was born. It may have been something educational (rarely happened), somethings i wanted for her, somethings I hoped for her, how I felt, how I hope she felt.......you get the idea.

I got this idea from a soldier. He was deployed while his wife was pregnant. He decided to write to his unborn son. Every day he would write to him. Then finally the boy was born. The father was able to come home for two weeks on leave to meet his son. They took pictures and had a blast! He went back on deployment. He was then killed in the line of duty. This broke my heart, his wife was now a single mother with a new son. But, the father had left something.....9 months of lessons for his son.

See, his son may have only met him once......but I assure you he will know his dad and what he wanted for him. His mother reads to him out of this every day. She even made a book out of the writings. I wanted to have something my daughter could go by if I were to pass.....or even when I am not close. She can take it to college, with her through life, and even to laugh at with her friends.

Well,once she was born I decided I could stop, because I would have videos, pictures, and so much stuff that I can show and tell her. But, the things happening before she was born would be hardest to explain considering I had never been a father and everything would change once she was born. And....knowing me I would forget everything if it were not written down.

Today.....felt like another one of those journal days. I woke up and was unlocking the door to go to the Box (no excuses....alarm went off, I was up, had my post workout snack, the works) Then as I was about to open it I heard a noise upstairs. I heard another and it began to grow. I then heard my wife get up and decided.....I do not need to go to the gym, I want to be with my family. I walked upstairs and waited in the room. Eventually I was down feeding my beautiful girl as my wife...tried...and I stressed this.....to go back to sleep. Once the girl was done eating, I thought she would go back to sleep.....oh no!!!! She decided to puke all over me!

Long story a little shorter eventually she laid down with my wife and I went into the basement for a workout.

I will be headed to the Box with my wife at 9:00AM for a WOD together.

Here is what I did:

Main site (minus the rope climbs) took a 3 Minute rest between sets:

50 Back squat 95# -2:17
40 Back squat 115# -1:49
30 Back squat 135# -1:20
20 Back squat 155# -:52
10 Back Squat 185# -:25

I went unbroken on all the sets. The time it took to complete each is on the side. This was a good WOD and I will have to do something like this again.

After I set up to 45# bumper plates. 2 Sets of push ups off the bumpers. That little extra depth does A LOT! I will have to do more of these push ups. This was my first time:

1 - 36
2 - 20 (immediately after the 36)

Went to Box and did:

2009 Arnold Sectional Workout - Row / OHS / Toes 2 Bar

500M Row
15 OHS 95#
500M Row
15 Toes 2 Bar
500M Row
15 OHS
500M Row
15 Toes 2 Bar

11:07 (took my time and had to mess with the Rower a lot, felt like I could have easily shaved :30 or more seconds off.....My time at Sectional - 12:01......Much Better and easier!!)


6 Rds

10 Walking Lunges 165#
2 Broad Jumps
10 M Down and back


Then I owed 50 Burpees for leaving weights out last week:


My legs will be shot tomorrow...but....and my wife hates when I say this.....I'm still gonna get better!!

Posted my push up struggles:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Years

First.....I want to say thank you to my wife. For 2 years of love that I could have never had from anyone else, you truly are my soul mate. Thank you for giving birth to our beautiful girl Jada Grace Urankar, and Thank you for putting up with me for 2 years and many more to come. I love you.

My two year anniversary with my wife is tomorrow. Two years of marriage.....with the most amazing women in the world! A new baby, new house, new job, new town, new hobby, loss of a dog, and a million new amazing and not so amazing things. Not everything that has happened these last two years has been something to smile about. It helps having Chelssie next to me in all the good and the bad. She makes everything more fun and everything easier to cope and deal with. Without her I would not be alone who I am with her. I thank her for making me better and making me happy.

Had to get that out there. We had a great night last night together and I plan on having a great rest of the weekend. We will be going to the Box together tomorrow morning to do a workout. I love working out with her.

Today I ran out to a spot I call my play zone (I do not actually call it that, but I think I will start), it is about a half mile away and they have a pull up bar there....which I do not have at home. The workout was:

10 Rds

10 Pull ups
10 Dips

8:46 (old PR 7/16/2010 - 11:58)


Tabata V-ups

Minimum reps 9

The wife baby and I went on a stroll together through South Bend. The run was nice and we got to talk a lot which is always a plus. We ran for 24:21.

I am not sure if I will do something tonight....ok.....I know I will......I am just not sure. I am going to try to get up to the box at 5:30 before me and Chels go together to get two workouts in since it has been so long since I have been there.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


If I wasn't motivated yesterday....then I am today. I set my alarm to get up 2 hours before I had to leave to work (I am working a half day today). Well......sometimes they do not work right. I woke up and thought, "I feel like my alarm should have gone off (looked at window) still dark, I'll go back to sleep."

Wake up again thinking, "ok seriously, I am wide awake", pull phone up to see time. 7:07AM (was set for 6:15). Are you serious! Now I can never get a workout in. I jumped up, knowing I had multiple WODs planned this morning. My wife and I have many plans after work because we are spending the weekend together for our 2 Yr Anniversary.

I jump down stairs in my skivees, knowing I have 20 minutes Max to get warm and get a WOD in. I decide Diane will be good. I needed to get dealifting in, not enough time, and a WOD. instead I will incorporate them. (I barely warm up and jump into it).

Diane (21-15-9: Deadlift 225# / HSPU)


Humiliating!!!!! My PR is 2:49......I went in thinking I would smash it! Now......I know last nights WOD left my back tired......but still, after straight setting the 21's I was like a sloth. What is wrong with me!

This has me focused, I have to be able to be at peak performance at all times, and this showed that I am not. I WILL PR on this next time! And it will be very soon! I WILL!

You should beat that time Lion.

Got home from work and Back Squated 95#:


Then did Deadlift work (need to increase the max)

185# x 3
275# x 5
305# x 5
325# x 5
345# x 3
345# x 3
375# x 1

Felt good, will need to increase sets and reps.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Catch Me If You Can

So......Lion.....here it is WOD 1. A doozy I must say. Made this with you in mind. Let's see what you have. I will keep this short and let the WOD speak for me. And FYI....this sucked and was a lot harder then I thought it would be. Good luck and you can name it if you beat me:

Use 95# Barbell

30 Clean and Jerks
20 OHS
50 Lunge 45# plate overhead (total number is 50)
30 Snatch
20 Snatch Balance
50 Air Squats
30 Push Press
20 Clap Push Ups
20 Thrusters
10 Burpees
10 Front Squat


Catch me if you can!!! And I will only get faster so you better catch me sooner than later.


Another Day of Blah

I woke up this morning...having planned the night prior for the box. I had the workout I was really wanting to do and was pumped......until my alarm went off. At 4:58AM (random I know but that's how I roll).

I quickly shut it off and rolled over to sleep.....WHO AM I!.....I am not sure if my motivation is down...if I am sad or what....but I am not myself.
I finally forced myself to roll out of bed at 6:29AM. Just enough time to....uh....do VERY little.

I remembered a workout I wrote in my notes on my phone:

100 Single Arm Snatches per arm with 30# DB

I thought why not....(since I did not have much time I decided to do my penalties tonight)

10 Burpees every time I put the weight down. It looked a little something like this (and do not think I forgot I still owe 7000M or rowing or 700 SDHP):

35 Rt (10 Burpees)
35 Lt (10)
15 Rt (10)
15 Lt (10)
15 Rt (10)
15 Lt (10)
15 Rt (10)
15 Lt (10)
20 Rt (10)
20 Lt (10)

8:58 (100 Burpees)

Then Max Push Ups

82 (PR...old was 78)

So....that is great 100 Burpees tonight! And an unmotivated person......I need some motivation right now!
I have decided to sit down and make up a plan for the next 3 days. I will be working out from home like Lion. So I figured I can write it down and commit to it. Unfortunately or fortunately....however you look at it....there are a million-bizillion WODs I want to do and only so much time. So....I better get going and figure out what I am going to do!