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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The WOD's.....Finally!

Well, they are posted...WOD #1 and #2:

Fittest in the Region competition 9/11/2010:

WOD #1


Deadlift 225#
KB Swings 55#

WOD #2


Thrusters 95#
Box Jumps 24'

Then within 5 Minutes of finishing Max Groung to Overhead

WOD #3

Will be announced on the day of the competition

I am so excited, these WOD are great and should seperate the field of athletes. I did the 1st WOD this morning:


Not as fast as I wanted but I also thought it was going to be easier. Not at all! it was very hard and really pushed me. I am going to do WOD #2 tomorrow morning and then try to bring them together by Tuesday. I only wish I new other times that people will do for these WOD's.....what's the fun in that though.

What makes me even more excited is that my wife and daughter will get to watch me compete!

I will do my best.


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