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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Waiting......and more Waiting....

I was waiting after my workout yesterday (which was harder to do then it looked on paper) to write my post on what I did yesterday. Which happened to be:

15-10-5 rep scheme

Hang Snatch 135#
Box Jumps 24"
Pull ups

I finished this in 6:36, rough!

I was holding off on this because I was sent an email about my competition in Crown Point that I would be receiving another email with the WOD's we would be performing on the 1st. So I sat waiting....and waiting....all day and never received the email. So now here I am, the 2nd, no email and figured I could show my frustration. I was hoping to start planning how I would feel (which right now my body is fried) about the workouts and how I would attack them. Not happening.

Well, I decided to then take the day off today and hope I get that email. I did wake up this morning and go for a run at 6:30 am in the rain (ran 17:38), which felt like a warm shower I was running in. I tried talking Chelssie into running in the rain after she woke up but she was not into that since it was coming down more then a sprinkle.

Anyway, hope to see that email!


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