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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was unsure all day yesterday what I was going to do today. I was not going to be able to go to the gym because of work and the WOD posted for the football page was one I wanted to do but I did not have KB's. It was 5 Rds 1 minute on 1 minute off. Try to get 30 KB swings with 2 Pood (70#). I decided multiple times what to do and finally when I woke up I decided on the fly.

I took the dog on a 20 minute run and then grabbed my Oly bar and stepped outside. I decided to use 65# and do swings with it. The same workout from the football page. 30 swings and every time you did not get 30 in a minute you had to do 1000 row (or in my case 100 SDHP with 45# (which I still owe Chelssie 2000 M Row (200 SDHP). The workout did not go as planned:

Rd 1 - 25 swings
Rd 2 - 23 swings
Rd 3 - 21 swings
Rd 4 - 23 swings
Rd 5 - 25 Swings

Which ultimately means I have a whole lot of SDHP to do tonight. 700 to be exact!

Geeze....I am hoping to get them done tonight after deadlifting. I am planning to do RDL's and then get at least 6 sets of heavy deads before jumping into those SDHP's. I am just hoping my traps stay in tack for tomorrow mornings WOD at the box. This better make me better!!!



  1. all that i have right now is that 35# KB i am in the process of making a new one out of a sandbag, garden hose and some duct tape....it'll work... it should work...is SDHP the only way to sub rowing?....oh yeah and your going to dig this...i plan on making a trip to seattle and hitting ALL the Boxes that are up there and smashing all the fran records...

  2. I did a solid Fran not to about a week ago, and i got in at 2:28 i am hoping to get it under 2:20 that would be ideal by the end of the month...but i looked at some of the times they had posted and they were nothing like the times that we were throwing up at that last comp.

  3. I'm looking to go up there sometime this week or closer to the 1st I'm looking forward to breaking records and hearts... are you taking any supplements? Because I think I was going to try something new. Wanted to see what you were into.

  4. I'm very interested about that life force and where you found it...I've been working real hard on my diet...because you know like I do how huge diet is. So any info on how I can get more of the good with zero of the bad and being on vacation would be a good time to try that out

  5. Bauman0311@yahoo.com

  6. How long did it take for the amino charged to arrive after you orderd it?