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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sprints w/ Yoga

Took another active rest day. I am trying to get my body fully healed for some good WODs this week. My interval sprints:

1 x 400M - 1:15
5 X 200M - no times
1 x 300M - 1 min

Then, when I got home I did Yoga. I love how this makes you feel when you are done. And I know my hamstrings will be sore in the morning because they always are after yoga.

The sprints I am working on building myself up. I used to be a sprinter and am not used to full go sprints. The 400M I am getting better at going hard but it will take time to get back into sprint mode, which I think will ultimately help my WODs. I will also start doing some 20 - 40 x 60M - 100M sprints. These always kill me going :20 and :20 rest. This is the times I use with the 100M sprints....the shorter sprints I bring the time down but keep the rest the same. Still not sure what I am going to do before or after the WOD in the box. I think I will do another 20 MU's when I get there and strength work, but I will need something for that night. Something with burpees, but no mile involved.....yet!


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