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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have been trying for a long time to get a PR in Snatch. Of course I worked and worked and nothing, 195# and thats where I stayed. And I only got that once. So it had been awhile since I tried so I said what the hay. Even though I am still so sore. And you know what....I got 200#. And I know I can do more, so my goal is 225# and I just moved up.

After that I decided to try FGB since we have the fundraiser in 2 weeks and I had never done it. The workout was tough but I was expecting my body to be dead afterwards because of all the horror story (which the reason my body didn't feel this way is because I could have pushed just a little harder, that will be determined to be true or not next time). I wasn't sure what a good number was but told myself I wanted 400 during the fundraiser.

I ended with 392 reps, counting for myself in the box because everyone else was busy. They said there will be judges so hopefully that knocks me up a few points. I was happy with the showing though.

Thought about doing death by Clean and jerk per Mikko Salo, but the wife and baby needed to get home, save that for tomorrow after the WOD. Still trying to get better.


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