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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maybe Not

So.....I woke up and decided I needed the day off mentally, not so much physically. As the day went on I realized I wanted to do something when I got home.....why not 10 Rds: 15 DL 135# - 15 Push ups from the main Crossfit site.

I came home and started....and then stopped after two Rds! "I do not want to do this".....so i didn't. I then said "I'll power clean".....then I stopped. Re-ocurring theme. I walked upstairs disgusted. I felt like a blob. I did not want to do anything. Until......

Ah hah! Death by HSPU....that won't last long. And believe it or not.....I finished it.....because I couldn't do anymore. See I had the smarts to do a workout that I could stop when I could do no more. The workout is just like Death by Clean and Jerk. You do 1 rep every minute adding a rep until you can no longer complete the amount of rep in that minute.

I finished:

11 Rds + 11.

I am hoping tomorrow I feel more like pushing myself. I really want to do the main site WODs that have popped up recently. We will see tomorrow morning. I will be up and at it early! I will get better!


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