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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Much Needed Rest

One of the hardest things for me to do is rest. I always feel that when I rest I get worse.....and I want to get better. Today is a truly needed day of rest. I have been pushing hard and my brain has been turning to find new ways to push myself and enhance my fitness. I did not totally rest though, I did my Yoga DVD, which makes me feel amazing when I finish. Recommend it to everyone...don't do it as much as I need to, but I do stretch every day.

I have made up a few WODs that I hope to be able to use in my training. I am also going to start do a painstorm, or something like a painstorm at least once every two weeks. They should be fun.

A painstorm is a workout designed in the old country (across the Atlantic) that are long and hard WODs. It was made because when people met they did not want to do just FRAN since they all travelled so far, so they made sure to get the most out of their visit.

A simple one to list is 500 Thrusters with the Olympic Bar (45#). Sounds rough but very intriguing to me. This will come up in the near future for me to do I assure you.

Already looking forward to my AM workout tomorrow!

Still trying to get better.....even when I rest!


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