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Friday, September 17, 2010

A great PLAN...that somehow changes

I went to bed last night having the perfect plan in place for what I wanted to do for my workout since I was not going to the Box because my wife would go instead while I stayed home with Jada.

The plan was to do an AMRAP for 20 Minutes:

10 Burpies
5 DL 245#
15 Air Squats

But......I woke up feeling wrecked....(do not know why since I had the day off????) Looked at what I had down and thought....the yoga made my hamstrings tight so I do not think dl's are a good idea...ill do those tomorrow...then I saw 10 burpees and thought that is a lot! So i modified it. Instead I did this:

AMRAP 10 Minutes

5 Burpies
5 Paralette HSPU
15 Air Squats

Finished w/ 7 Rds + 3 Air Squats....had to end up breaking up the Paralette HSPU into singles as I got farther in. Thought it would be better to do a short Body weight metcon becasue tomorrow I am going to kill my body.

And the workout that will do this to me is....dun dun dun....

10 Burpees
Fran (21-15-9: Thrusters 95# - Pull ups)
10 Burpees
Isabel (30 snatches 135#)
10 burpees
Grace (30 Clean and Jerks 135#
10 Burpees
10 Rds Cindy (5 pull ups - 10 push ups - 15 Air squats = 1rd)
10 Burpees

Came up with this two days ago and thought this would be perfect because tomorrow is open gym. I have no expectations except to go with minimal stoppage. This one should help make me better!!!

That is the ultimate goal!


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