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Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally.....Death by Clean and Jerk

Some picks from FGB:

I have been saying for about a month now that I want to do death by clean and jerk, not because I thought I would do good....but because Mikko Salo has a PR of 14 Rds which is sick. Might as well explain what it is:

Using 135# to clean and jerk

1 min - 1 rep
2 min - 2 reps
3 min - 3 reps
4 min - 4 reps
5 min - 5 reps

I will go into this more later.

When I woke up I was actually slept in a little to long and ran out at 5:25AM to get to the box at 5:30AM...and the box is 15 minutes away. Lets just say I was late. But, I was smooth and came in tying my shoe acting like a casual bystander waiting until everyone was done warming up on the rowers. When they got off we started into the strength portion:

20 Rep Max Back Squat - warmed up and then did:

225# for 20

I have done 225# for that many reps but never unbroken, going unbroken really does a number on the quads. After this we did an interesting WOD:

5 Rds

5 185# Hang Clean
3 over the box jumps 20' (line up three boxes and jump over 1 by one without stopping)
50M sprint


Right after you finished the boxes you go directly to the sprint and then sprint back. It was good because Brett in the box helped push me. Thanks Brett!
Then came the fun, and it happened randomly. I took off the 25# on each side and realized....."I have 135# on the bar, that is what it is for Death by Clean and Jerk....I should do it" I looked at the running clock and started. Things felt good initially but when I finished 7 Rds I knew it was goign to get to be bad. I wanted to hit 10 because I almost quit at 9 until I realized that 10 would be so much sweeter. I ended with:

10 Rds + 7

Rough....I had never actually done it before and it was harder then I thought, and I was more gassed then I thought I would be. I will have to keep that in my back pocket for a possible new PR down the road.



  1. Answer some of the questions, With the Warm up you dont have to but it is a good one you might like it, And For the Kalsu, i waited until the min to start my Burpees, and for the last WOD I used a 24 in. box give or take a few, its a tree stump but it feels right...and it is a continuous running clock, and go at the begining of the next 5 min....so 1st rnd 5 min end RUN 2nd rnd ends at 10 min Run 3rd rnd ends at 15 min RUN...so forth and so on, let me know if that helps...Also Kalsu With 135!?!?! i think that i may have under estimated your beastlyness....its word

  2. Kalsu at 135 and only breaking it down to 6's and 7's that awesome i know myself and i would be at like 3 to 5 really quick. one day though ill have to 1 up you and do Kalsu at 225....that would be somewhere in the area of about 500 Burpees, but it would be worth it.hahaha and yes it was the princess bride so that makes you a cultured beast! haha i lied about the extra Credit....my sister didnt eve know that answer

  3. I will have to.... that way when I die there won't be any question about it... they can just watch the video and say..oh he was doing kalsu with 225... but then they'll wonder if I was just awesome or completely nuts... I think they'll say I was awesome... mostly because I am

  4. Yeah it is funny... I wouldn't die...Haha...that is what your laughing at right? Your not laughing at me being awesome right? Because there was nothing funny in that statement

  5. Well its obvious now what your laughing at... because no one would dare disrespect my gangster.... I never asked but what's the hardest/ best woe you've done?

  6. ok good you knew it meant WOD, sometimes my phone likes to think that it is smarter then me and replaces words, I cant decide on a hardest WOD but if I had to choose maybe Linda with a time cap...and anything with muscle ups...Have you heard of the Beast Of The East competition next october? theres going to be BIG names you, should go and be the new guy that just destroys everybody, im telling you by next october your going so be able to smoke check anyone...