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Monday, September 20, 2010

Developing Myself

This morning I woke up with my back still sore from the Deadlifts....which made me excited, "I am getting better when I am sore this long!" This where I will maintain my focus with two days a week of strict deadlift work to increase my back and hopefully maintain constant soreness! (well...maybe not constant, but hopefully some)

When I got to the gym this morning I knew that they had a good WOD on the football site from the night before:

15 Min AMRAP

2 Power Snatch w/ 75% of your max (Max is 200#)
2 Rds
3 Pull ups
6 push ups
9 box jumps 20"
= 1 Rd

Before the WOD our stength work was 3 x 5 Front squat Max effort an 3 x 12 GHD sit ups. Warmed up and then did:

3 x 5 255# (the last set was rough)
3 x 12 GHD

For the WOD I had been talking with Brandon about scaling up and decided this was a good WOD to do that to. I am hoping to add or make every workout harder when possible...some don't need any help! My scaling up was:

15 Min AMRAP

2 Snatch 155# (correct weight)
2 Rds
3 chest over 2nd bar (belly to pull up bar)
6 Ring push ups
9 Box jumps 24'

Finished with - 7 Rds

Immediately after I did a Split Jerk for Max weight. Got 225# but failed on 245# and was to lazy to pick it back up to try again. Weight gets heavy when you are tired.

I need to work on my form for the Jerk because I do not do it enough and normally push press the weight up instead of using a strict jerk.

This WOD was a one good and I was able to maintain a good pace throughout which is what I was hoping with my modifications. I am beginning to love the body weight WODs with some heavy weight thrown in so I can work on constantly moving while fatiguing. Taking the rest of the day off.


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