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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deadlifts....trying to get to know them better

I say and say it.....over and over....Deadlifts are my worst lift! The reason it is my worst lift is because my max is just over 400#. Not sure exactly because what it is because I have not done it in a long time. I tell everyone how I want to get better at it but I have not had a program to get better. So I made a ten week schedule to use. Last night I warmed up to 325# then did:

3 x 2 325#
3 x 2 345#
1 x 1 375#

Feeling it in the lower back which is exactly what I am wanting. I know I have time to get better and I know it takes time. My goal is 475# by Sectionals, I know that is a long shot but I will work to get it.

Today I decided to do Nancy but after watching the journal about scaling up Wods. They explained it that sometimes we scale people down, why not up? So....I scaled to 115#:

5 Rds
400 M
15 OHS 115#


This was tough, I almost wanted to stop because I could not go unbroken. But, that is what I need to work to go unbroken with that weight on Nancy.

A couple hours later I ran some sprint intervals:

3 x 400 m
3 x 200 m

Felt good, but definitely want to get faster. I will do intervals 3 times a week as long as the weather holds up. Increasing the amount I run weekly to bi-weekly. I feel I need to get used to running, I may end up putting in air squats or pushups while resting for the next sprint.

I came up with a WOD I want to try for tomorrow if I am not a fan with what comes up on Crossfit Football. The WOD is:

AMRAP 20 Minutes:

20 Toes 2 Bar
30 KB Swings 55#
40 DU's

This should be good, and if I like the WOD I will pull this out in a couple days. This one should help me with some weaknesses.


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