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Friday, September 24, 2010

Active Rest

Told myself yesterday I was going to do Hang Clean when I got home.....Until I saw they were on the menu for today. I also told myself and Brandon (owner of Crossfit South Bend) that I would not be in to save myself for FGB (plus I needed a day off) ....of course that did not happen. I held off on the cleans and went in this morning. I am still not sure if it was smart on my part because I truly need a day off, which will not come for awhile now. In the Box we did:

15 Minutes of 2 reps every minute 75 - 80% of Max Power Cleans.

Used 185# (should have used around 225#, would have ben rough)

After this went outside and ran sprints

10 x 50M with :30 sec rest between.

Nice easy day but my shoulders are shot from the muscle ups and the cleans did not help. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow to hit my goal of 420 for FGB. I am not sure how realistic it is considering I did the workout for the first time last week but I know I will try!



  1. I know what you mean i had to take an active recovery also....i think that it was just time....I saw this on the main page and was wondering why your not going to be there 2010 Crossfit/USAW weightlifting open... If anybody can take down the Crossfit Big Wigs its you....and then brandon, and then maybe me? Also i was curious what are you doing on Turkish Get Ups?

  2. I'll do a filthy haven't done one in a awhile I think my time on the last one I did was 14-16 I can't remember but I did it after a 5 round FGB...id like to hit that hopper with you but trust me when I say that ill be knee deep getting mine