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Saturday, August 28, 2010


I got home last night after talking to one of my friends through text and heard their box was doing a 5-5-5-5-5 of Power clean touch and go. You had to clean it bring it down touch the ground and clean again for 5 reps. You could not stop or let go of the bar.

I wanted to try this one to see where I would be, I was hoping to get to 235# for 5 but after starting things changed:

185# x 5
205# x 5
225# x 4 (could not touch and go on the last one and failed on the lift)
215# x 5
215# x 5 (this one was hard and I had to really gut through it)

I made sure that my rest periods were less then 3 minutes per set, my grip really starting going on the 225# power cleans.


Today I woke up and decided "Nancy was a good WOD.

5 rds

400M Run
15 OHS 95#

I had done this a month and a half ago after I saw it in the Crossfit games senior division. i completed it in 12:23

Today, I beat my time by 11 seconds getting 12:12. It is hard to judge if it is a true 400M because I walked out the distance to a of 200M for my turnaround. Did run a few yards father then I did last time I did the workout las time.

My goal is to get this under 12.


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