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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Went in to the Box thinking something simple, instead......something simply long!

We started off with a warm up of 1 mile run but after every 400 M we would do some movements (DL, Burpies, Planks, anything to make you tired) then we ran back in and found our 5 Rep Deadlift Max:

345# x 5

Then we went right back outside and ran 8 x 40 M sprints, jogged back inside and did the WOD:

AMRAP for 8 Minutes:

5 Clean and Jerk 155lbs
5 Ring dips

7 Rd + 1 Dip

I was happy with my results.

Tomorrow is a big day coming up, the first two workouts for the competition are being announced, not sure what time but am looking forward to knowing what lies ahead on the 11th.


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