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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bench Press?

I have benched press one time in the last year or possibly longer. The one time I did it was in a WOD that had heavy bench presses. Also, it is not a functional lift and really is not a movement that assists your daily life or will aid in a random situation in life. Therefore benching 225# for Max reps is not usual for me to do anymore.

The workout we did today started with 10 x 2 of back squat with 65% of your Max. My max is around 405# so I used 265# with 45 sec rest between sets.

The WOD after that was:

4 Rounds

225# Max rep Bench Press
Max Pullups
15 sit throws with 20# Med ball

We did this for time but it was not done very fast. Took me 11:40 and my rep were:

Rd 1 9 Bench / 15 Pull ups
Rd 2 4 Bench / 8 Pullups
Rd 3 4 Bench / 8 Pullups
Rd 4 2 Bench / 7 Pullups

Totalling 19 Presses with 225# and 38 Pullups

I liked this workout for today because I felt my body needed a rest day (I should say my lungs needed a resst day) and this helped make it feel like a active rest day. I am getting very excited for the September 11th competition in Crown Point for the Fittest Person in the "Region" competition. I am hoping and expect to do weel, but then everyone in it should feel that way.


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