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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, after hanging my head for awhile about not making the Crossfit Regionals I have upped my training in preparation for next year. The Crossfit Regionals for the East Central just ended this weekend and 3 athletes moved on. Hopefully next year I will be one of those. I know I have a lot of work to to do and plenty of time to do it until then.

I needed to place 20th or better to move on to Regionals out of 180 athletes and I ended up getting 26th overall. I was in the top 20 until the last workout which showed a weakness of mine, chest to bar pullups. I had to do sets of 15, 12, and 9 and I struggled.

The Final WOD was :


155lb Clean & Jerk - Chest to Bar Pull ups - 24' Box Jumps
Then pull a 120lb sled by a rope from a seated position 40 yards.

Complete the workout as fast as possible doing 15 reps for each exercise in order and then starting over at 12 and then again for 9 reps and then pulling a 120lb sled from a seated position 40 yards. It was brutal, 11:54 was my time.

I went very fast through everything else but when I got to the pullups I was unable to string them together like most of the other athletes. Therefore, I have dedicated myself to do them every day. I am starting at 20 a day and every day adding 1 pullup until I reach 50 and then I will start over until I can do 50 straight. In order to be elite I have to become efficient at doing these. It is a staple of crossfit and one I never worked on until now.

I will put in the work!
I will be prepared for next year!

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