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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The WOD's

Well, last night I got the e-mail and here are the workouts. I went to the gym after finding out what they were. I have never rowed so I rowed 5 500M rows with short rests in between to get used to form. I am hoping to do well and need to get in the top 20 out of 181 athletes to move on. Here they are:

7 Reps - Deadlift 225 Men/155 Women
11 Reps - Weighted Vest Burpees 30LB Men/15LB Women
5 Rounds For Time!

There is exactly 1 hour between the 1st WOD and the 2nd WOD.

Sandbag Sprint(s)
Distance, # of Sandbags, Weight in Sandbags to be announced at event

Row 500M
15 Reps OHS 95LB Men/65LB Women
Row 500M
15 Reps Toes to Bar
2 Rounds for Time!

Will be announced after WOD 3 Final Heat!

The final WOD should be crazy and only the top athletes compete in it. Hope to be doing it at the end!

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