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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today WOD's Announced

So...Today s a day I have been anticipating for awhile. The day I learn the workouts I will be doing for the Crossfit Sectionals. I have been taking it easy so far this week to let my body rest. I ran a fast mile and a help with my dog Sparty and then yesterday DL up to 375lbs to feel a little weight. I did not want to go to heavy but I wanted to go heavy enough.

Today I did 50 burpies for time (2:06). I plan to go to the Crossfit gym at 5:30PM since my workouts are posted at 5:00 I am hoping to work on the workouts there.

Then my mom is coming from Florida on Friday and staying until Tuesday to meet her daughter. I am super pumped to have her see her Granddaughter.

Then...In between that the GAMES! Will be an awesome weekend!

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