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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The WOD's

Well, last night I got the e-mail and here are the workouts. I went to the gym after finding out what they were. I have never rowed so I rowed 5 500M rows with short rests in between to get used to form. I am hoping to do well and need to get in the top 20 out of 181 athletes to move on. Here they are:

7 Reps - Deadlift 225 Men/155 Women
11 Reps - Weighted Vest Burpees 30LB Men/15LB Women
5 Rounds For Time!

There is exactly 1 hour between the 1st WOD and the 2nd WOD.

Sandbag Sprint(s)
Distance, # of Sandbags, Weight in Sandbags to be announced at event

Row 500M
15 Reps OHS 95LB Men/65LB Women
Row 500M
15 Reps Toes to Bar
2 Rounds for Time!

Will be announced after WOD 3 Final Heat!

The final WOD should be crazy and only the top athletes compete in it. Hope to be doing it at the end!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today WOD's Announced

So...Today s a day I have been anticipating for awhile. The day I learn the workouts I will be doing for the Crossfit Sectionals. I have been taking it easy so far this week to let my body rest. I ran a fast mile and a help with my dog Sparty and then yesterday DL up to 375lbs to feel a little weight. I did not want to go to heavy but I wanted to go heavy enough.

Today I did 50 burpies for time (2:06). I plan to go to the Crossfit gym at 5:30PM since my workouts are posted at 5:00 I am hoping to work on the workouts there.

Then my mom is coming from Florida on Friday and staying until Tuesday to meet her daughter. I am super pumped to have her see her Granddaughter.

Then...In between that the GAMES! Will be an awesome weekend!