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Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Week!

One week until sectionals and I am feeling good and excited about the weekend to come. Doug came by this weekend and we did some workouts. On Saturday I went to the Crossfit gym at noon and did:
25 Body Squats/ Push Ups/ Pull-ups/ Situps
50 " " "
75 " " "

it equals to 150 reps for each exercise. Took me just over 25 Minutes the pullups and the last 2 sets of sit up were rough.

Doug got here and I decided to have him time me doing "Grace"
30 clean and jerks with 135lbs for time. I finished in 2 minutes even. I was pumped but wanted a sub 2 time. That will be next time.

We went to dinner and came back to do another workout:

5 rounds

5 thrusters
25 SDHP w/45lbs
10 HSPUs

no time because we went one after another. Good workout.


Woke up and went to the Crossfit gym at 10am. Did a Crossfit Endurance workout "Betty".

5 rounds
12 Push Press with 135lbs
20 box jumps 24 inch box

I did it in about 5:50. I am not sure what he said my time was because I was tired.

Then when at home I did 300 calf raises on the stairs for time.
100 straight
100 toes in
100 toes out

Did them in 3:42. Always feels god after those! I think I am going to take the rest of the day off because my shoulders are a bit tired and I think I should start toning down the amount of workout since I have exactly one week until the competition. PUMPED!

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