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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been Awhile...New Beginning!

So....I quit blogging when life got a little busy and I started journaling in a book to my daughter when I found out my wife (Chelssie) was pregnant.
At this time I did not have a set design or plan as far as my workouts went. I had continued training but not as hard as I would like.
In this time we moved to Granger and I did not want to get a gym membership so I gathered up as much equipment as I possibly could and began working out in the basement of the house we are in. Again the woekouts were not how I would have liked them to go, until......Afriend of mine (Doug) talked me into checking out this crossfit site. I did and within weeks was hooked. Now I have purchased an olympic bar with bumpers and a 40lb weight vest to go with the already random equipment in my basement.
Right after I started I learned about the Crossfit Games where the fittest man is crowned. That pulled me in. I wanted to become the fittest I could possibly be and what better way to try to do that by going against the fittest. So after about a week of diliberation I decided to sign up and compete. The first round is the Sectionals in Columbus, Oh at the Arnold Classic, then the Regionals in Logan, Oh, and finally the Finals in Aromas, CA. The top 20 in sects move on the then the top 3in regls move on to the finals.
I have only been training for about 2 months now for these games but feel if I can make it to Regionals that I will have some extra time for training and am pumped to go against these great athletes.
With that said I decided to document my workouts and my journey to this years games and those to come.
Oh ya.....and that affiliate is letting me train in there gym for no charge! They are an awesome group! Thank you!
I am taking the day off today because I have not in about 2 weeks because I have a big training weekend coming up because the games are on March 7th! Cannot wait.