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Monday, April 20, 2009


Weekends are normaly busy for me which is why I did not post my works, so i will do it on Monday.


Worked out with Doug (Pull Day)

Pull Ups 5 sets 6
Hang Clean 5 Sets 135 x 6

Bent BB Row 4 Sets 135lbs x 10
DB Rotator Cuff 4 Sets 15lb DBs
Straight Bar Curl 4 Sets 75lbs

Dead Lift 4 Sets 135lbs x 8
DB Snatch 4 Sets 25lbs x 6 each arm
Burpies 4 Sets 10x

BB Split jerk 3 Sets 135lbs x 6
DB Swings 3 Sets 50lbs x 10

Farmers Walk 3 Sets 80lbs
Rope Curls 50lbs x 20

Side to Side Woodchop 3 Angles 2 Sets 40lbs x 10 each
Standing Reverse Pulls 3 Sets 40 lbs

40 in 1:28

Then came home and ran 46;16 with Sparty on a beautiful day. The run felt awesome. Stopped to say hi at Chels work.


Back Squat 5 Sets
135lbs x 20
135lbs x 15
185lbs x 12
225lbs x 8
225lb x 6
Box Jumps 5 Sets 40+ inch box(i just know it is higher then 40 inches

6 Way Lunges 3 Sets 115lbs x 5x through
Step Ups 3 Sets 115lbs x 6 each leg (12 inch box
Leg Press 3 Sets
2 plates each side 20x
3 plates each side 15x
4plates each side 15 x

Cable High Knee 3 Sets 60lbs x 10 each leg
Cable Kick Back 3 Sets 60lbs x 10 each leg
Smith Calf Raises 3 Sets 135lbs x 30

The challenge was to do 20 burpies for time and then to jump straight into 1:00 of wall climbers without stopping.

I did 2 Sets of this. Finishing at 20 burpies in :34 seconds each time and completeing the consistant 1:00 without stopping. My resting was the time when Doug went.
Leg days are the hardest for me though because I hurt my lower back about 2 months ago and it is onlt about 50% on leg days. It does not effect me on most every other day. Each week it gets significantly better though.
Mini is in 2 Weeks.
At 7:00 I went and played 2.5 hours of basketball with a friend (Nate). Lots of fun but my lege were a little shaky after awhile.
As for today, I took the day off, I am trying to save myself for a long run this week.

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