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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Magic 50

I got this workout from RossTraining.com. It consists of:

5 Single Arm DB Snatchs
5 Single Arm DB Swings
10 Burpies
Rest (Repeat 5x)

I woke up made my morning smoothy (Banana, Strawberries, Flax meal, Plain Yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegor, Honey, Plain Soy Milk, and Chocolate Soy Milk). Then April showers were in full force. I wanted to go on a long run this morning but did not have the right attire available to challeneg mother nature. I decided to do the Magic 50. Called that because you do 50 reps of each exercise when finished.
I timed myself and completed it in 7:59 and :30 second rest between each set. I used a 30 pound DB because that is the largest I have at my house. Don't get me wrong though it kicked my butt. I do want to work my way up to no rest. I then grabbed a glass of water and then did:

25 Push Ups
25 Superman Back Extensions
25 Crunches
4x (no rest)

At work the rain cleared and I went on a run for 41:25. my legs felt like lead. Not a fan of those days when it hurts to run. I think I am going to go on a fun run tomorrow.

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