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Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Day

My wife has been blogging for a while now so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I love to track my workouts and runs, but paper is just not cutting it anymore. I tried to sign onto a 'logging workouts' site but it just sent me to a blog. I then talked to my wife and she sent me straight to google to open a blog. And now here I am, always saying I would never do it but here I am, writing blog!.

Quick bit about myself, I am 25, recently married with 1 kid. A three and a half year old boxer named Sparticus (Sparty) for short. He accompanies me on short runs. I am 5'10 and 180lbs, fluctuating from 172 to 185 depending on my training. I love power lifting but also high rep workout. Did a 100 rep workout where all of my exercises consisted of 100 reps each.

Today I went on a three and 1/2 mile run which took 23:46 seconds. My wife made me where her heart monitor and I averaged 168, never used a heart monitor so it was new to me. Through me off my rythem. I need to get my own heart monitor to keep track and understand my body more. I am old school and love doing things that do not require technology or expensive equipment. I took the day off from working out because my body is completely sore from this past Friday and Saturday.

I will be posting my wokrouts from the day and my runs. I am going to be running the Indianapolis 500 mini marathon. My goal is under 1:38:00, we will see in a month.

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