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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How much can happen in 41:13? Apparently a lot! I had the worst run of my life today and it broke me in 41:13. I should have listened to myself when I was going to take the day off from running. But, no! I decided to go.
I left with Sparty and went for a run. The first 15 minutes were not bad except for the pain in my knees, I was thinking it was from running to much because last week I had 3 runs of about 10 miles. I kept going and the knees did not get any better. As I rounded the halfway point everything went down hill. Turns out I had been running with the wind and as soon as I hit my halfway mark and turned around the wind shot at my face like a million icy pellits.
It was 47 out but the wind chill had to have been -37. It was horrible, I wanted a beanie so bad! I had ran in bad wind before so I tried to ignore it. But the pain was making me angry. I had my I-Pod in (which I never run with) and realized why I never run with it. I wanted to chuck it accross the field next to me. The noise was getting to me, along with the pain in my knees and the annoying wind. I ripped out the earplugs and through them down the neck of my shirt. Then I started thinking about how I wanted to live in a warmer climate. IT IS THE MIDDLE OF APRIL, COME ON! Can't a guy get a temperature that is decent. This -37 degree weather was making me mad.
The last 5 minutes were excruciating, I mentally broke down. I wanted to punch something, stop, blow back at the wind, fall down, yell, stop Sparty from swaying side to side, shut off the i I-Pod (which I could still faintly hear in my shirt, and get my head to stop repeating everything I was thinking.
When I finished I realized a lot can happen to a person in 41:13, lets just say I am going to take the day off from running tomorrow.

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