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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I woke up this morning and went on my run. Chelssie came and rollarbladed as I ran, Sparty led the way. I ran for 1:12:54, not quite the mini I had anticipated, but it was nice running with the two of them.
I hope to get two more long runs in before the end of the weekend. I felt fresh, unlike the last couple of days.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Decided to go on a short run during my lunch break at lunch. Ran for 18:46 in to constant 40MPH wind. I do not know what it is about Plianfield, IN but they have horrible weather for running during lunch breaks.
I am planning on running a min tomorrow in preparation for the race in two weekends. I am excited and hope that I will do well.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Weekends are normaly busy for me which is why I did not post my works, so i will do it on Monday.


Worked out with Doug (Pull Day)

Pull Ups 5 sets 6
Hang Clean 5 Sets 135 x 6

Bent BB Row 4 Sets 135lbs x 10
DB Rotator Cuff 4 Sets 15lb DBs
Straight Bar Curl 4 Sets 75lbs

Dead Lift 4 Sets 135lbs x 8
DB Snatch 4 Sets 25lbs x 6 each arm
Burpies 4 Sets 10x

BB Split jerk 3 Sets 135lbs x 6
DB Swings 3 Sets 50lbs x 10

Farmers Walk 3 Sets 80lbs
Rope Curls 50lbs x 20

Side to Side Woodchop 3 Angles 2 Sets 40lbs x 10 each
Standing Reverse Pulls 3 Sets 40 lbs

40 in 1:28

Then came home and ran 46;16 with Sparty on a beautiful day. The run felt awesome. Stopped to say hi at Chels work.


Back Squat 5 Sets
135lbs x 20
135lbs x 15
185lbs x 12
225lbs x 8
225lb x 6
Box Jumps 5 Sets 40+ inch box(i just know it is higher then 40 inches

6 Way Lunges 3 Sets 115lbs x 5x through
Step Ups 3 Sets 115lbs x 6 each leg (12 inch box
Leg Press 3 Sets
2 plates each side 20x
3 plates each side 15x
4plates each side 15 x

Cable High Knee 3 Sets 60lbs x 10 each leg
Cable Kick Back 3 Sets 60lbs x 10 each leg
Smith Calf Raises 3 Sets 135lbs x 30

The challenge was to do 20 burpies for time and then to jump straight into 1:00 of wall climbers without stopping.

I did 2 Sets of this. Finishing at 20 burpies in :34 seconds each time and completeing the consistant 1:00 without stopping. My resting was the time when Doug went.
Leg days are the hardest for me though because I hurt my lower back about 2 months ago and it is onlt about 50% on leg days. It does not effect me on most every other day. Each week it gets significantly better though.
Mini is in 2 Weeks.
At 7:00 I went and played 2.5 hours of basketball with a friend (Nate). Lots of fun but my lege were a little shaky after awhile.
As for today, I took the day off, I am trying to save myself for a long run this week.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Todays Workout:

DB Push Ups w/Single Arm Pulls 3 Sets 10
Flat BB Bench 5 Sets
135lbs x 15
185lbs x 10
205lbs x 8
225lbs x 6
245lbs x 4

Incline DB Press 4 Sets
60lbs x 10
65lbs x 8
70lbs x 6
75lbs x 6
Speed Cable Press 3 Sets 60lbs x 30

Close Grip Bench 3 Sets 135lbs x 8
Dips 3 Sets 10
Russian Get Ups 3 Sets 25lbs x 8,7,6

BB Thrusts 3 Sets 30lbs x 10 each arm
Incline DB Press Alternating 3 Sets 40lbs x 7 each arm
Rope Pushdown 3 Sets 60lbs x 20

Dragon Flag 3 Sets 10
Seated Tricep Extension 3 Sets 60lbs x 10
Single Arm DB Clean and Press 3 Sets 50lbs x 5 each arm

3 Minutes of Planks

Ran 3/4 Mile

10 x 60 Yard Sprints w/15 sec rest

After the workout I came home and took Sparty on a nice 11:41 minute run. Tomorrow is a Pull Day. I also worked out with Doug and we do these workouts very quickly. The Main lifts are very hard because the only rest we take is after each Superset. Love it!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Bar

The bar, 12 pounds of fury!

Using the bar I did:

500 lying tricep extensions and
500 bicep curls tonight

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


How much can happen in 41:13? Apparently a lot! I had the worst run of my life today and it broke me in 41:13. I should have listened to myself when I was going to take the day off from running. But, no! I decided to go.
I left with Sparty and went for a run. The first 15 minutes were not bad except for the pain in my knees, I was thinking it was from running to much because last week I had 3 runs of about 10 miles. I kept going and the knees did not get any better. As I rounded the halfway point everything went down hill. Turns out I had been running with the wind and as soon as I hit my halfway mark and turned around the wind shot at my face like a million icy pellits.
It was 47 out but the wind chill had to have been -37. It was horrible, I wanted a beanie so bad! I had ran in bad wind before so I tried to ignore it. But the pain was making me angry. I had my I-Pod in (which I never run with) and realized why I never run with it. I wanted to chuck it accross the field next to me. The noise was getting to me, along with the pain in my knees and the annoying wind. I ripped out the earplugs and through them down the neck of my shirt. Then I started thinking about how I wanted to live in a warmer climate. IT IS THE MIDDLE OF APRIL, COME ON! Can't a guy get a temperature that is decent. This -37 degree weather was making me mad.
The last 5 minutes were excruciating, I mentally broke down. I wanted to punch something, stop, blow back at the wind, fall down, yell, stop Sparty from swaying side to side, shut off the i I-Pod (which I could still faintly hear in my shirt, and get my head to stop repeating everything I was thinking.
When I finished I realized a lot can happen to a person in 41:13, lets just say I am going to take the day off from running tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


1100 Reps
4 minutes of planks
1 minute inverted plank

The workout I did tonight I do for time, I completed it in 31:47

The workout is:

100 Body Squats
100 Leg raises per leg
200 Push Ups
200 Superman Raises
100 Calf Raises
100 Split Squats per Leg
100 Dips
100 Curls (15lb DB's)
100 Standing DB Press (15lb DB's)
4:00 Minutes of Planks
1:00 Inverted Plank on Wall

FUN!!!! I do a workout like this at least twice a week. You can do the workout in any order, and however you want to as long as you do all the reps and holds. Have fun!

Rain Runs

Woke up to another rainy day, but that did not stop my wife and I, we stretched then ran 31:14 today on a nice run on the Monon Trail. She really pushed herself at the end and surprised me. Haven't seen her push like that in awhile. Everytime I thought she would throw in the towel she just kept on keepin on. Very proud of her.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Magic 50

I got this workout from RossTraining.com. It consists of:

5 Single Arm DB Snatchs
5 Single Arm DB Swings
10 Burpies
Rest (Repeat 5x)

I woke up made my morning smoothy (Banana, Strawberries, Flax meal, Plain Yogurt, Apple Cider Vinegor, Honey, Plain Soy Milk, and Chocolate Soy Milk). Then April showers were in full force. I wanted to go on a long run this morning but did not have the right attire available to challeneg mother nature. I decided to do the Magic 50. Called that because you do 50 reps of each exercise when finished.
I timed myself and completed it in 7:59 and :30 second rest between each set. I used a 30 pound DB because that is the largest I have at my house. Don't get me wrong though it kicked my butt. I do want to work my way up to no rest. I then grabbed a glass of water and then did:

25 Push Ups
25 Superman Back Extensions
25 Crunches
4x (no rest)

At work the rain cleared and I went on a run for 41:25. my legs felt like lead. Not a fan of those days when it hurts to run. I think I am going to go on a fun run tomorrow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Day

My wife has been blogging for a while now so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I love to track my workouts and runs, but paper is just not cutting it anymore. I tried to sign onto a 'logging workouts' site but it just sent me to a blog. I then talked to my wife and she sent me straight to google to open a blog. And now here I am, always saying I would never do it but here I am, writing blog!.

Quick bit about myself, I am 25, recently married with 1 kid. A three and a half year old boxer named Sparticus (Sparty) for short. He accompanies me on short runs. I am 5'10 and 180lbs, fluctuating from 172 to 185 depending on my training. I love power lifting but also high rep workout. Did a 100 rep workout where all of my exercises consisted of 100 reps each.

Today I went on a three and 1/2 mile run which took 23:46 seconds. My wife made me where her heart monitor and I averaged 168, never used a heart monitor so it was new to me. Through me off my rythem. I need to get my own heart monitor to keep track and understand my body more. I am old school and love doing things that do not require technology or expensive equipment. I took the day off from working out because my body is completely sore from this past Friday and Saturday.

I will be posting my wokrouts from the day and my runs. I am going to be running the Indianapolis 500 mini marathon. My goal is under 1:38:00, we will see in a month.